A cure for adjectives diseases: Prevention ?

The Health Care System Lie.

Half way within the middle of Canada lies the Sleeping Giant, a natural rock formation, a monument to itself, and if you know the story, a story of betrayal and I don`t know someday a monument to deceptive half-truths, where on earth truths can lie. As the allegory goes the truth of the mine of silver be betrayed.

On June 7th, the Canadian Cancer society announced 'research" indicated that vitamin D can help prevent some 60% of cancer. For decades alternative scientists have suggested that simple and simple methods exist to deal beside the cancer problem, however mainstream science surrounded by North America has be motivated in finding a rights able profitable treatment, expensive molecular research and expensive treatments; another classic half-truth. Some citizens don't see prevention as a cure, believing in a cure is treating family with a cancer. But if we prevent cancer, is that not the simplest, and best of possible cures ?


Your conclusion is sooooooooo right! I couldn't say it better! For almost 5 years I worked for Advanced Viral Research of Canada, and I be in charge of developing protocols for cancer patients and also of supervising patients put underneath treatment using their biological "drug"--modified high-grade colostrum--, Reticulose, injectable. Though the results were most of the times stoundings, I know of far better ways to deal next to the cancer phenomenom without have to push the patient to settle for such unaffordable treatments.

For instance, I know some patients of mine and from other colleagues that overcame their cancers--melanomas, glioblastomas, carcinomas--just by fasting on plain hose, and some on a combination of selective juicing and water for 3 weeks. Of course, we adjectives know not everybody will have one and the same outcome, but it amazes me the innate ability of the body to recode the DNA, repair cell damages, regenerate physiological and biochemical path to the cell's nucleus, and to re-arrange molecular sequences in substances already altered by the course of disease in a given body or organism.

When a pharmaceutical company "discover" or create a new drug, a tie up of beaurocratic steps toward the aceptence and implementaion of the drug will take place where on earth every body involved will get a piece of the cake, except the lenient. It is more also about pride, realization of human genius, appreciation, and high-tech capitalism. But we, the consumers, will pay a big price for it: abject ignorance (we're never taught that most diseases are due to a compromised immune system appreciation to our false lifestyle), sinful dependance on high-tech medicine to lone get symptoms alliviated--in most cases--, no material solutions for the unstoppable train of biological degeneration in the human body, etc.

Yes, most chronic diseases are treatable beside very inexpensive methods of coherent and scientific colloquial treatments. But I am not implying here the false belief that in lay down to get results one have to keep bying organic products or supplements most of them of very low element. The idea is analysis how disease evolves out of continuous violations to the biological law that govern our bodies. And once the casue is traced, then it will be sagacious to remove it, and use non-invasive and natural procedures to assist the body to re-organize its jeopardized biology.

In my course of more than 20 years of practise as a Naturopathic Practitioner and Orthomolecular Nutritionist, I hold seen countless cases of ethnic group assisted by practitioners like me, and whose condition conditions improved dramatically after be told by conventional physicians that their diseases had no ways to be reversed.

I do see a requirement to have conventional pills hanging around, for emergency, or course. But here is not healing surrounded by the current system of medicine. They do not believe surrounded by a biological approach to health and disease. Tech-medicine is more appealing for plentiful reasons I will not delve surrounded by right here and now.

Thank you!

Good luck! :)
1. Press Your two palms respectively for 5 minutes-on front and back (Reflexology).
2. If over 40 years, press for 2 minutes the middle of right arm.
3. Then on adjectives points where it pains, hand over treatment 3 times a day for 2/2/ minutes on respectively point like pumping.
4. In the evening, while sitting surrounded by a chair, roll your soles of the legs on a wooden roller.
5. Make a craving of drinking :
(a) one glass of hot hose preferably charged water ( gold/silver/copper/iron) as the first article in the morning.
(b) Drink one cup of green liquid adding 1 teaspoon of vigour powder and 1 tablespoon of honey toit.
(c) Drink one glass of fresh fruit liquid.
6. Correct the Solar Plexus and avoid constipation.

7. If you make a quirk of drinking 1.260 ml. water as the first point in the morning day by day ( until your death ) and do not bear anything for 45 minutes. You will never suffering from CANCER.

I am practicing Naturopathy since last 45 years. According to this analysis, cancer is one of the easiest diseases to be cured. The patient and their relatives obligation not worry. They solitary have to purloin the above mentioned treatment.
The scientists and doctors GOT THAT INFORMATION FROM AN ORGANIZATION I BELONG TO. That organization have much more to teach and they are starting to listen -

Eat brackish - NOT TABLE SALT - THROW IT AWAY IT WILL KILL YOU FROM THE CHEMICALS IN IT ... eat ocean salt, "Real Salt" and the approaching - natural salt ...

See - doctors said not to eat brackish because it would kill you - but; most your body is made up of sea - SALT (SEA) WATER ...and they tell you not to use any ... WHY?

Answer: Repeat business. Do the research and you will see when the cancer and artereosclerosis (bad spelling for cruddy heart conditions) soon after individuals put away their salt - become an epidemic that has not lessened up.

Simply put - if your cell have saline in them - you cannot carry cancer ... impossible; and,

Science soon discovered that those having heart problems - they discovered they did not hold enough brackish in their system and drew the conclusion - BUT WOULD NOT TELL ANYBODY BECAUSE IT WOULD PROVE THEM TO BE LIARS AND QUACKS ... which they mostly adjectives are - out for the buck at your expense ... but; heart problems came from need of salt - not too much of it - as your body will with ease eliminate any excess it does not have need of and the only side effect is white coloring of black nouns shirts that wash out subsequently.

Now of days - most heart attacks are from clymidiah and syphellis ... which are caused from fornication and adultery - and unsurprisingly - not eating saline.

You will be amazed of the knowledge that is to say just in a minute being checked out by the scientists and doctors of this world ... because they enjoy no hope left - drugs aren't working and the bugs are getting terribly powerful - but; we know how to get rid of them ... and it is not by drugs.

The business I am a member of is call the House of Yahweh in Abilene, Texas ... every answer to what you have need of is in the scriptures - but; who will listen ... science and doctors are newly now starting to - we don't mind - tolerate them steal the credit for these things as long as the truth gets out.

By the mode - we have be also teaching that wearing sun goggles will harm your eyes - frequent eye problems have gone away when one simply looks directly at the sun for a couple moments respectively day - best time is at sun up and sun's going down ... vitamin D help the eyes like chicken egg yolks - individual in similar but different ways.

Science also only just admitted that acceptance donor parts like heart, livers, kidneys and such does not really extend the recipients existence ... it actually extends the existence of the DONOR and the DONOR actually starts taking over the person and memory and body of the recipient over time ... THINK OF WHAT WILL OCCUR TO THOSE GETTING ORGANS FROM PIGS OR GOATS ... PUT TWO AND TWO TOGETHER AND WATCH YOUR ANSWERS COME TO PASS SHORTLY IN THOSE WHO HAVE DONE SO.



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