Anti-depressants versus herbal supplements?

I was prescribed mirtazapine a few weeks ago for depression. I lone took them for ten days. But stopped cos I didn't want to get hooked and I didn't want to become a zombie.

I approved to go my own route and whip supplements from a health food shop.

I bought Seretone 5HTP, St John's Wort and Evening Primrose Oil.

I'm sensation much better than I was, and hold been taking them for 10 days in a minute.

Anyone else used alternative medicine to throb depression? If so, what? I want to fill myself beside as many dutiful things as possible :-)

The first link is information give or take a few anti-depressants.

And this one is information about herbal supplements, if you would close to to read up about both.
I get diazepam and Prozac and flushed them down the lav when I got home. I in a minute drink nothing bar water and munch through a balanced diet and I hold never felt better. The simple prescibing of these distasteful substances made me get up and seize on with existence. The general public haven't a clue.
talkto your doctor is my best suggestion to you
I find Ghinko Biloba ( Probably spelt wrong ) keeps me pretty alert and positive. Do you hold a friend who could tickle your feet? x
i congratulate you beside your wisdom to use herbal medication. a very significant way to save your depression away is to regulate your sleep patron and bear as much exercises you can
Thumbs up for St John's Wort and thumbs up to you for your positive move.
I've found the very best treatment for depression is exercise! They are giving gymn bias at council run ones free on the NHS because it so good at doing exactly what it say on the tin! I know, you don't feel approaching doing that, but you feel so much better once you can be bothered, honest.
hey near how are you listen sweet heart you have to be deeply careful beside anti depressants some of them can be very strong and can brand name you feel more worse than better. More than anything else herbal supplements do lend a hand like st johns wort or melodious life or even better herbal teas can be soothing other methods you can try are may be meditation relaxation therapy and music help also counselling help try those stay any way form things similar to Prozac they are strong and its another excuse for the drug companies to make billions believe near are options I'm suffering from depression too I'm have counselling and therapy in a minute as well so if you want to settle contact me on [email protected] or text me on 07903275869 I'm available on yahoo messenger too
I use St John's Wort, I find that it is an decisive anti-depressant and a good althernative to the non-organic mind altering prescription base anti-dperessants.
The only side effects that I've just now been aware of is that using St John's Wort make you skin photosensitive and susceptible to sunburn.
Due to the warm weather we are have in the UK coupled beside my dosage of St Johns Wort, my skin is now adjectives like toast.
I be Prescribed Fluxotine and after 2 weeks i felt better surrounded by mind but like you i be feeling awful within other ways, so i dumped them down the lav.

I take 1 evening primrose and 1 fish grease per day and own at least 2 specs of fruit juice a morning and eat as much fish, fruit & veg as i can, and use olive grease and sunflower oil within my cooking too and i feel much better immediately !.

Of course good friends, flawless music and variety of energy helps like mad too :-)

All the best x
Well done!

Herbal medicines enjoy proved to be as effective as conventional anti-depressant drugs, but next to far less side-effects. You are on a perfect combination of products and if it's working, stick with it.

If you get the impression that you would like to boost on it, I would urge you to seek minister to from a qualified and experienced herbalist or homoeopath who will be able to guide you.
Depression can be cause by a depletion of brain chemicals because of stress. These chemicals are called neurotransmitters and they are built from amino acids. Some foods , approaching Turkey and ham , contain a lot of amino acids, but you own to eat a ton of it to build up the depletion. Or you can try a supplement ,such as neubecalmd. This supplement contains 5htp as all right as vitamins . You can see the ingredients and order it online also at the join below. Good Luck.
St John's Wort does work very capably. All that most doctors want to do is push drugs off on their patients because it brings them more money from the drug company. I own seen it first foot, it's ridiculous. There are drugs out there that Dr.'s are perscribing that can produce cancer, depression, a dependancy to the drug, and many other enormously harmful things. You are most plainly on the right track!
Herbal supplements are better. Anti depressants have too several side effects so IMO it's not worth taking. St John's Wort appears to be the herbal remedy of choice but I haven't tried it. Someone recommended 5HTP and it worked for me. I hear Yoga's good as capably. Most of the time depression sets in after one have been beneath stress for a while. I use Bach's Rescue Remedy to relieve stress and anxiety.
you may be able to find what you are looking for at Silky Scents lacking all the medication. They have a free recipe clause that is assured to follow, or an already made blend section that they transmit you how to use it.
Good for you. I did the same point I used essential oils . Lavender, and 2 mixed blends...Peace and Calm and Joy. The best part of the pack was no side effects approaching the drugs did.
I have done the tablet route and the side effects be just awful. Massive counterbalance gain being one which made me even more depressed. I believe that adjectives I gained from the experience be "drug overload" and a very toxic system. I very soon take a supplement call liquid zeolite which is adjectives I shall ever take. It's wonderful, Go to
Stress cause oestrogen dominance and depression is one the results of this dominance.

The depression can be given many name e.g. post natal, Gulf war syndrome, post traumatic stress disorder SAD seasonal affective disorder winter sickness however when hormone symmetry is restored the depression will be resolved

Check for oestrogen dominance by doing the on-line tests at or

hold a real saliva audition done or and take the hormone as advise most likely automatic progesterone USP

www.hormoneprofile is a good net site for info there are oodles others
Your doctor will instantly dismiss the idea of taking inherent medication. Precisely how they think the human see managed for the millions of years it existed until that time chemical medicines existed is a mystery to me. However, here are many different methods of curing depression the unconscious way, and for you to buy three at once to start beside might be overdoing it a little. It would be better to walk for just one at a time and see which works for you. If you're outlook better, as you say, consequently alter what you're taking until you have it down to the minimum that you requirement, as you are probably taking more than you need beside the three that you have bought.

Aromatherapy is also fantastic at curing depression. There are blends that I could recommend, but thumbs downs surrounded by their thousand I would get, so saw nothing am I.

All the best beside your recovery.
I'm a psychotherapist and I construe much of the depression we experience is cultural. Our culture promotes unreasonable expectations.

I would suggest familiarizing yourself near buddhist philosophy that teaches us that most of what we discern inadequate and incompetent in the order of is actually spirit.

Good luck

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