Any info on ginseng, b-12, and saint johns wort?

i was newly wondering if anyone has tried any of these herbs/vitamins, ive be taking saint johns wort lately for mood, and i just started taking 2 pills of ginseng and 1 of b-12 a afternoon, i was simply wondering how people close to these herbs and if u have any good experance next to them. i no that each have some relief/stress helping, anti anxious properties, how has it worked for you?

St John's Wort interacts next to many other medicine, including the birth control pill.

Also, if you start anti depressants at any point, you must stop the St John's Wort, and leave a distance between the two.

Regarding the ginseng: you might want to look this up on the net, I read somewhere that women should look out with ginseng.
Just to put on alert you that st. john's wort can have an interaction next to some medications so becareful if you are on any other medication.
I've used St Johns Wort for depression in the tincture form. It worked ably for me, but let me communicate you that it can make you sensitive to the sun.

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