Amoxicillin: Can i grasp immune to it?

I heard some where on earth if you take an anti biotic when you dont stipulation it you can become immune or it will not work for you next time when you really call for it. True??

yes..the more you use antibiotics the less effectual they become. My kids had chronic ear infections and the dr. would rotate 3 different kind since she said that immunity can be built up to them. You can also develop an allergy to it if you use like one to much. If you use Amoxicillin alot you should rotate to someting else for a while.
This is very true next to any kind of antibiotic.If you help yourself to antibiotics too often your body does become immune to them,and when the antibiotics are really needed they will not work because of the imperviousness that you built towards them.
Actually it's the bacteria that become resistant to the meds, not your body, because those are what you're war, not your own cells. Taking a more "pro-biotic" approach would be beneficial to build your own imperviousness and dealing with the "bugs" contained by a more holistic approach with pro-biotics, homeopathy and herb will help your body restore to health itself with no hazard of side effects or the "bugs" getting immune. God gave us these wonderful resources for a sense, let's use them. The internet is a wealth of knowhow for you, and seek knowledgable professionals within your area to back you learn more.
Yes. I have an ulcer and they prescribed that, I be on it for over two months, finally ended up beside different secondary infections, give it up and went to turn see a Chinese doctor - was fit and arranged within two weeks.

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