Acidophilis interview?

I am currently on an antibiotic for a UTI and I read that acidophilis can help surrounded by putting back the upright bacteria that the antibiotic strips from you . My grill is, in reading from folks on acidophilis takers, they cart 2 to 3 pills with elevated bacteria count and my directions states that you pocket 2 pills daily. what is a nontoxic amount that you can take within a day lacking hurting yourself? also, i read that taking acidophilis is good for yeast infections and acerbic reflux. (which i have) if anyone has any info on it, please consent to me know? THANKS!

You are right to be taking the supplements because yogurt dosent have a dignified enough amount to lend a hand. I usually take 3 to start and taper bad to 2 then 1. Even though your bottle say 2, 3 will not hurt you. The worst that could happen is rather bit of loose stools. But if you feel better useing what the bottle say, use your own judgement.
you should just get through some yogurt, it has live cultures contained by it. which is acidophilis. enjoy!
Yes Acidophillis does restore the bacterial harmonize to your system. It will help next to yeast infections much in matching manner. If you are taking an antibiotic you would probably achieve a yeast infection due to the imbalance.
I would follow the instructions on your bottle and if it doesn't see to help increase the dosage. One item about a instinctive bacteria is that if you win too much your own immune system can handle it deeply better.
Acidophillis is the culture in yogurt and butter milk which is used to tweaking the base milk to any of these two items.
If you but yogurt or buttermilk make sure that the collection states that it contains 'live' culture. Other wise it won't do any angelic.
I wouldn't take more than the directions on the bottle indicate. I certainly take smaller quantity than my supplement bottle recommends, as I own reaped benefits from that amount, and simply feel safer using the least possible beneficial amount. That is, if 2 pills a day work powerfully in helping or eliminate symptoms created by whatever strips your body of the willing bacteria, why put more "foreign" or "man made" supplements contained by my body.

I have diverticulosis which is a bowel disorder and symptoms related to that enjoy been help by probiotics or acidophillus which is a probiotic. I also take profoundly of meds, and they are absorbed through the stomach and intestine and hold been told by a pharmacists and herbalist that use of this type of supplement would be practical. So, once again, why not start with a low dose, see what happen, and take the matchless recommended dose if needed. I'd also consider talking to an herbalist at your local strength food store or herbal pharmacy for an overall consultation on herbal and other supplements.

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