Is it okay to whip valerian capsule while I am on 50mg Sertraline?

I am currently taking 50mg Sertraline for social phobia. I am interesting in trying Valerian capsule so I can get some rest? When I first begin Sertraline on the starter 25 mg package I have the rest I needed and felt great. It have since been almost a month and I no longer enjoy the rest I be getting with this medication. Is it okay to use Valerian surrounded by conjunction with Sertraline. I will not assault the Valerian I just want to use it roughly speaking 1 a week to get a break from my anxiety.. What do you focus. I am going to call the pharmacist tomorrow, but I want to know immediately!


Answers:    there is no significant interaction according to the med check program on epocrates on my PalmPilot.

As other, check with your doctor or pharmacist past taking an herbal product when you are on Rx drugs.
it is ok

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