Anybody know any cures for hayfever, ones that work mind you?

Definitely local honey should do it for you, but in decree to get a faster and more steady result, I would advocate you include this: Cut up garlic cloves like the size of pills, and rob them with sea at night so you could turn through the next morning without anyone bothered with hay frenzy symptoms.

Good luck! :)

Re: Responding to Dr. Frank...

I usually never respond directly to any of the answerers, but after reading Dr. Frank input I thought it was crucial to clarify that even though in North America here has be not even one serious study about the immune reconditioning effect of local honey on hay-fever patients, it have been widely standard by more internist doctors than usual, the evidence-based importance of this inexpensive method to treat hay frenzy successfully in frequent instances.

I could provide you a couple of intents to explain the scientific and medical rationale aft such assertion; and after reading your response I forced myself to remember the many cases of patients from my locality--San Joaquin Valley, CA (one of the most artificial areas by hay-fever in US)--who hold dealt near it with some point of success using that "mythical" local honey...

However, over the counter topical nasal decongestants such as oxymetazoline (Afrin(R)) and phenylephrine (NeoSynephrine(R)) may provide nouns from nasal congestion, but they should only be used for a few days. The oral decongestant pseudoephedrine (Sudafed(R)) may minister to relieve nasal congestion, while antihistamines such as diphenhydramine (Benadryl(R)), brompheniramine (Dimetapp(R)), chlorpheniramine (Chlor-Trimeton(R)), and loratadine (Claritin(R)) might help dry excess mucous and trim down sneezing. Cromolyn sodium (Nasalcrom(R)) is used as a nose spray to prevent hayfever symptoms.

Prescription antihistamines are regularly prescribed for relief of hay frenzy symptoms. These include cetirizine (Zyrtec(R)), desloratadine (Clarinex(R)), and fexofenadine (Allegra(R)). Inhaled corticosteroids, such as flunisolide (Nasalide(R)), triamcinolone (Nasacort(R)), fluticasone (Flonase(R)), and mometasone (Nasonex(R)) may also be suggested to prevent and treat nasal symptoms.

Anyways,here is one piece of advice: vit. C (about 1,000-3,000 mgs. a day) have proven to be as much of a powerful antihistamine as any other out there within the market. Of course, we're chitchat here of pharmaco-active agents vs. bio-active ones. In this case, vit. C have shown larger and more powerful "muscles" that its counterparts--the synthetic version of antihistamines. Also Quercitin may prove an excellent supporter here, although only restricted preliminary clinical research has suggested that it is beneficial to hay frenzy sufferers.

Disclaim: I have seriously of respect for Dr. Frank's answers, and I have added him as cog of my network, but clarifying things here and nearby does not amount, and should never be framed as, antagonism. Thank you!
Stay indoors, keep adjectives windows closed and don't hold fresh flowers in the house. (Cured)
a spoon full of the local honey respectively day works for me, it works alike way as homoeopathy, try it it have totally changed my nightmare summers,

good luck

I newly asked the same request for information,Its really getting me down,my n ose is so stuffed,vaseline in the snout does help me for a time,i ll await your answers,good luck!! or will enjoy some good answers.

As for me, I purely try to avoid the hayfever situations by staying indoors or away from the known triggers that start my reaction.
I don't actually suffer myself but i work near people who do and one of them within particular said that he contracted to try the nasal sprays last year and he said he would use it adjectives the time now as it be a cure for him. Hope that helps
There really isn't a cure, but specially designed allergy shots and medication will give a hand relieve the symptoms.
Firstly only in the region of 50% of hay fever sufferers procure total relief from antihistamines. The rest own to use local treatments often surrounded by conjunction, to treat their eyes, nose or chest.

Antihistamines divide into 2 serious groups:

1) Very old, 2-3 times a light of day, potent, sedative and hugely cheap.
2) Newer, once daily, smaller quantity potent, less drug (these still cause some sedation!) and more expensive.

There are a dozen surrounded by the second group, there is little to choose between them but mizolastine is said to drop the number of patients who need local preparations.

I other put in my answer formerly I look at the other answers. I might be tempted to guess that among them nearby is likely to be at least possible one suggestion about using homeopathy and at smallest one advocating this weeks urban myth of local honey. Neither of these work, they are however non-hazardous so you are welcome to assessment them out for yourself.

Both some eye and nasal preparations are available over the counter. They are however the older and milder managements and the pack sizes are severely small for the price you pay. There is habitually an argument for seeing your GP, if only to let go money.
I live in a enormously hot area of California where on earth there are greatly of hills, trees, and weed. Everything blows through the air here and I gain severe hayfever. Believe me, I have tried everything! I finally found the nouns I needed by using Hyland Brands Hayfever Tablets. You put 3 tabs lower than your tongue and let them dissolve and withing 30 min. your trunk has cleared up! You can use them every 4 hours. They are adjectives natural, non-addictive and remarkably effective. I even use them on my 7 year matured son who unfortunately also have severe allergies. But I do love the fact that I am not spraying steroids up his proboscis which kept causing him to hold nosebleeds.

You can find Hyland Brands in some of the vitamin stores or you can lay down them online. Just type in Hyland Brands surrounded by your search pub and click on to their site. Oh, and they are very inexpensive which is a plus!

Good Luck, I hope you find nouns!
I take a raw supplement called Antronex three times a sunshine.It's made by Standard Process Inc. and I was skeptical at first...but it works. I don't even want allergy shots anymore!

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