Alternative Treatments for Metaplasia?

I've got to make a contribution a presentation on Metaplasia as a group tomorrow. My topic to speak about is Alternative Treatment. I'm pretty lost right immediately.

Does anyone know anything I could say?

Good links?

Thank you,

Metaplasia is indeed a pathological condition. It can be a tissues antipathy to an insult as a way to protect itself. This is the bag in the lower esophagus when a human being has chronic acerbic reflux the tissues go from a squamous cell to more of a cuboidal or columnar. This condition is agreed as Barretts esophagus and the next phase from metaplasia is dysplasia and explicitly cancer. The condition is permanent, so the treatment would be to boundary or remove the insult. In this case the alternative treatment would be anything untaught to limit or destroy acid reflux. This can be anything from dietary change, eating times, sleeping positions, to wearing tight pant. This may be a good subject for you to address since it is extremely common.
Metaplasia of what?
squamous metaplasia of the cervix?
That is not a disease and does not entail treatment.

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