Alternative Thyroid Meds?

I have be hypothroid for a long time now. My doctor have put me on just in the order of everything. Levathriod, synthyroid, even Armour. Nothing seems to work. My blood assessment always show that the drug is right on target, but I can't shake the fatigue, or the weight gain. I enjoy tried Thyiodine but it didn't work. Does anyone know of something I can take that are not an iota of the above mentioned. I want my life vertebrae and doctors just aren't giving me what I obligation.

If you were on Armour and the doctor be adjusting your dosage by TSH..this would hold left you undermedicated. Armour is supposed to be used to by the free t4 and free t3, not TSH.

Another thing, you do not steal your dosage of hormone prior to testing and you alway trial first thing surrounded by the morning.

With the T4 meds, TSH can be used, byt free t4 and free t3 are always better. Is your TSH below 2.0? If it isn't, you are undermedicated.

Get a free t4 and free t3 done. These are the actual amounts f these hormones surrounded by the blood available for use by the body.

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There's no alternative medicine that will sustain with hypothyroidism. It's purely a matter of finding the right dose of medication. Sorry.
I hope you are seeing an endocrinologist and not in recent times an MD. The readings do not make clear to the whole story on the thyroid and a specialist will know to look for other indicators (your fatigue surrounded by this case). Having been through adjectives this I would suggest that you also look beyond the thyroid. Try DHEA available in the USA (Not within Canada) at any health food store. It is the pre hormone for your sex hormones - for a $10 investment you will know inwardly a week if it will do the trick. You could also get your own saliva exam done (about $150. which is sent away for testing) to see which hormones are out of whack. Most mainstream doctors don't consider the theory test worthwhile, but they are the same doctors that are not conducting tests your blood to see what may be out of balance. Sometimes you lately have to run things into your own hands. Good luck.
If none of the medicine are working, is it at all possible that you've be misdiagnosed? Or perhaps there's something else going on, as okay as the thyroid problems?

Weight gain and fatigue are signs of other things; e.g. polycystic ovary syndrome.

I would suggest you go to a specialist and hold the original test repeated, as well as thinking in the order of whether there's another cause for your symptoms.
you should try the deep kelp, bladderwrack...anything with iodine..which is needed for a fine thyroid. oats help too.
You might hold your T4 checked as synthetic thyroid meds do not convert to T4~
when you were on the armour what dosage be you on...if you were not optimized (and not only within the so-called regular range) you will feel the fatique and counterweight out on how to work with armour.i am finally getting optimized and losing consignment just enjoy to get to your RANGE...(also, some MD's are a moment ago as good or better to work beside as endo's in my opinion).trade name sure to get your free t3 and free t4 tested as very well...if you can get those level up above midpoint you will be surprised at how well you will start to get the impression..take exactness
Some things you can do to help your thyroid:

Dry skin brush your body (using a soft skin brush or mit) beforehand showering - it helps raise the circulation in broad.

Try and do at least 30 minutes aerobic exercise a sunshine - I know it's hard to motivate yourself to do this if your thyroid is underactive, but it really help if you can make yourself do it.

Nettle seed (use the whole flowering stinging nettle plant) serve stimulate the thyroid. Stinging nettle can be used like spinach as a food - I mix it near spinach to make spinach pie.

Kelp will minister to if there is an iodine lesser amount, but not all hypothyroidism is associated next to iodine deficiency - mostly it is autoimmune within aetiology.

Liver care can backing. I usually suggest to my clients that they follow Sandra Cabot's Liver Cleansing Diet, but I'm not sure if that is available outside Australia. A few tips include - enjoy a large cup of warm-hot water near the juice of partially a lemon first thing every morning. Drink lots of hose, minimise processed foods, eat lots of fruit and veg. B vitamins might oblige the energy level.

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