Any allowed alternative out nearby for amphetamines?

maybe 2-3 times a year i'll do a 'dab' of speed. yes its not big or clever but i similar to to think of it as a 'tool' that keep me alert on a big night out.I'm one of those those who falls asleep in nightclub even when sober! i don't like to step to 'dealers' so getting hold of any is a pain. so what's out here that will keep me awake and save me from having my collar feel by the plods? i've got a big hours of darkness out coming up and i don't want to spend half of it attitude drowsy!

DHEA can be bought in any drugstore and give you an energy boost. The tablet form is best but here is a cooperation to more info:
How about an attitude adjustment instead of abuse drugs.

Yes, that's abuse. Abuse isn't almost how often your do or don't use a substance roughly about the agency that you use it.

Get some help.

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