Any herbal remedies for bipolar disorder? I'm tired and frustrated next to insurance companies and dr's office.

I take Seroquel and tomorrow I enjoy an appointment with my primary meticulousness doctor who doesn't care for writing Rx's for bipolar meds...

resourcefully you have to consider that herb are just as much medicine as drugs are so to combine the two would be risky unless you sought the advise of a naturopathic doctor who could work beside your regular GP to gradually rob you off the prescription meds and put you on something fluent. SAMe is supposed to help beside bipolar disorder it works much like your seroquel does but aiding the body's regulation of serotonin and dopamine. in that is also a great company called vaxa and I clutch their ADD/ADHD herbal supplement and they have another one call DEPREX that is supposed to be amazingly good. It have st. john's wart in it though which can motive the body to excrete medication faster than normal so you will want to ask your pharmacist to look up surrounded by their compendium to see if there would be an adverse aversion with the meds you are currently on. Also St. Johns wart have an action similar to MAOI's and those should not be taken next to ssri's unless supervised.
try coca tea at
it helps near depression, I am not sure but sounds like it can be a well-mannered option for bipolar
For depression symptoms, you may want to try the herbal remedy St John's wort. However, you must mind your Ps and Qs about drug interactions. While a herb is fluent, it does not mean that they are not potent.

You should speak to your doctor (or a professional who you can trust) around your frustrations and see if he can suggest good alternatives.

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