A friend took extacy roughly 24hrs ago?

did she pass the exposure zone for this drug or can she still get doomed to failure symptom's and when will the drug not effect her anymore like how several hours after taking it?

If she took extasy ( she was really lively and extremely loved up) then she will be fine but you should other check on the net up to that time you take a pill because in that not always exstacy.Exstacy wear off in 8 hours usually if she is still high afterwards it will only be slighty.
look on the PillReport.com.au website and see what other ethnic group are saying something like their experiences with the type of pill she took.
Shes fine. Play her "Magical Mystery Tour"
Drugs are bleak....mmmmmkay.
She should be all cool by presently. Tell her to eat. Drink.
Get some rest.
she should be fine by in a minute, i took 3 xanex bars in the past and it is weak, it with the sole purpose lasted a couple hours. i know extasy is much stronger, my friend took it back and it didnt last him 24 hrs. so she is fine. how did she return with extacy? my friend was lookin for some, but it seem like not a soul can get ahold of them at the moment.
You mean discouraging symptoms beyond burning holes in her brain? I ponder she should be good, but I connote you do not know what the hell you are taking when you take X...so who know. As far as how long the effects will last it depends on the pill and how it be taken.

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