Any automatic remedies for hypertension and/or diabetes?

Does anyone know of any natural/ayurvedic or homeopathic remedies for hypertension (high blood pressure) or diabetes? (please don't indicate diet and exercise as natural remedies...of these, I'm aware). Thanks!!

Homeopathic Treatment for High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) :-

Head remedy; near nervousness (during pregnancy use near care) Rauwolfia S.Q(Mother Tincture) 4 hourly

With depression; suicidal tendency; cardiac symptoms Aurum Met 200X or 1M, 10 min (3 Doses)

With arteriosclerosis and senile paresis Aurum Iod 30X, 6 hourly

With senility and senile behavioural change Baryta Carb 200X or 1M weekly (3 Doses)

Systolic pressure high and diastolic pressure terrifically low Baryta Mur 3X or 6X, 4 hourly

With constriction in heart region and anginal strain Cactus G.Q(Mother Tincture) or 30X, 3 hourly

For fat and flabby forgiving; sweat on head, palms and soles, craving for eggs; chilly tolerant Calcarea Carb 200X or 1M weekly (3 Doses)

In old age;weak bachelors and old maids Conium Mac 200X or 1M weekly (3 Doses)

Palpitations contained by slight exertion; dyspnoea, insomnia and gastric complaints Crataegus Ox.Q(Mother Tincture) or 30X 4 hourly

Due to shock (broken love affair etc) emotional disturbances Ignatia 200X or 1M 4 hourly(3 Doses)

Due to congestion surrounded by brain; severe headache, lassitude and dizziness Glonoine 3X or 6X, 1/2 hourly

Due to syphilitic origin; lancinating strain in cranium and bones Kali Iod.30X or 200X 4 hourly (3 Doses)

Due to gastric origin; flatulence; craving for sweets and heat food; worse 4 - 8 P.M. Lycopodium 30X or 200X, 4 hourly

Due to shock or grief; hyperthyroidism, goitre, addision's disease, diabetes ,etc. Desire for salt preparations Natrum Mur 200X or 1M 10 min (3 Doses)

In syphilitic cases; angina pectoris; vertigo, dyspnoea and endocarditis Natrum Iod.30X or 200X 10 min (3 Doses)

In elevated, intelligent, hypertensive people; craves for icy cold things; nervousness of dark and stroms, etc. Phosphorus 30X or 200X 10 min (3 Doses)

With sclerotic degeneration specially of spinal cord Plumbum Iod 30X or 200X, 6 hourly

Due to grief; apprehension, dullness, loss of thirst etc. Gelsemium 30X or 200X, 3 hourly

During menopausal stage; worse after sleep; great loquacity Lachesis 30X or 200X, 4 hourly

Bursting strain in cranium; better by cold application, pressure, vertigo; palpitation of heart; worse when alone; sleeplessness with mass in principal; oedematous swelling on face and legs Boerhaavia Diffusa Q (Mother Tincture) or 6X , 4 hourly

Take the remedy which is similar to your symptoms. No side effects or complications if taken as directed, please do not exceed the given dosage and beneath any circumstances do not try to mix any remedies and avoid Chocolates, Mints, Coffee, Red Meat, Alcoholic and Carbonated drinks, Spicy Rich Food while taking any Homeopathic remedies, and keep the medicine away from direct sunlight, heat strong smells and perfume and do not store them in the fridge.
Curing lacking any side effects or Complications; thats the Beauty of Homeopathic Medicine
don't know for sure but i have hear that eating celery is correct for high blood pressure. it's worth looking into i guess. devout luck.
Hypertension is a bad item to have but you can grasp rid of it easly. Go to the store (wally world) and get the compact disc called {In Harmony beside the Sea}. Put it on your CD player but don't turn it on nonetheless. Now turn off adjectives motors(fans, coolers, mixers, what ever that makes roar,Televisions/radios, lights). Now turn on a lamp within the far corner behind you that have a 7 watt bulb in it. Get within to some loose clothing. No belts or strings or undergarments that apply pressure. Now turn on the CD completely low (just to where you can hear it) and sit down on the carpeted floor. Cross your legs and clasp your hand and place them across your ankles. Close your eyes and hear the music. Now Visialize going to a very pretty place ( where not a soul else is except the birds and the breeze and you, now see the grass wave with the breeze) in a minute see yourself as you want to be very satisfied, very attractive. Tell yourself what you want to look and feel close to and you want to feel terribly, very upright, wonderful about who you are. Tell yourself how stunning, wonderful, loving you are. This will take several weeks at three or four times a afternoon. First you must believe in yourself and adjust your food intake to meeting what your body needs, NOT WANT. Most of the time this will come to pass without your comfort. You will end up self the most beautiful entity you have ever see. You will feel higher than the world. When you look in the mirrow you will wonder who that party is that you are looking at. By the way you will have need of to fall surrounded by love with yourself. After adjectives you are the most important, fine, wonderful, loving, happy, charitable person surrounded by the World. This is inportant.
Unfortunately for diabetes type 1 the only innate remedy is insulin (which is as natural as they come); for type 2 like peas in a pod; nothing have been scientifically proven to lend a hand they body with insulin production and use and diabetes is too serious a disease to mess roughly with.
For hypertension, depending on its motivation, there are net pages full. (google "inbred treatment for hypertension")..

one site states: Natural treatment requires hypertension patients to implement certain lifestyle modifications. Exercise and relaxation therapy are an inevitable part of inbred treatment. The excess calories have to be adjectives off through regular exercises and it help to induce oxygenation of blood. Relaxation therapies and meditation technique such as yoga, breathing exercises, tai chi, biofeedback, and hypnotherapy help to avoid stress and other related psychiatric problems. Avoid alkaloid rich drinks such as coffee and fatty foods. Smoking have to be essentially stopped and dependency on alcohol has to be avoided.

Natural treatment also suggests dependable herbal remedies such as Withania somnifera, Convolvulus pluricaulis, Passiflora, and Ginkgo biloba. Garlic is also recommended as a routine ingredient of diet since it has the power of man a blood thinner. There are many different herb that are used to treat hypertension, including the following: Hawthorn, also known as Crataegus Oxyacantha, is one of the best herbal supplements to comfort treat this condition. By dilating the blood vessels Hawthorn can provide your heart beside the level of force it needs to pump your blood Hawthorn is full of anti-oxidants, which can preserve plaque from building up on the arterial walls and reduce the risk of a heart attack. Another importantly studied natural treatment for hypertension is Passiflora Incarnata, which help to calm the entire body, relax the blood vessel and help muffle overall blood pressure. Viburnum Opulus, also known as Guelder Rose yelp, helps to relax the body and receive rid of the tension that usually cause the high blood pressure contained by the first place. However, be cautious when taking herbal supplements, lone using according to the advice of a physician since herbal alkaloids may interfere the go together of the body functions.

Whatever you try, get a home blood pressure gadget and monitor your blood pressure as you try these remedies and make sure they do not cross-react beside any other medications you may be on (some pure herbs are relatively strong). Same goes for any home remedies for diabetes--monitor your blood glucose hugely closely. It also is prudent to set a time limit--if no response say surrounded by 2 weeks or levels acquire dangerously high--time to verbs. The latest studies hold shown garlic to not be beneficial.

In all honesty and integrity I convey you that there are biological protocols self designed by biological physicians in Japan, Cuba, Germany, and Israel through which both conditions own been treated beside amazing degree of nouns. But.

A word of caution: both diabetes and hypertension are degenerative diseases by humour, so they will require more than just a couple of medication here and there. I could flood up this answer with tons of products, herb, this and that which could help you big time. But within order for you to see your conditions reverse, you'll inevitability someone--a Naturopathic Doctor, or a Biological Doctor, or a Hygienic Physician--to guide you step by step in re-organzing your lifestyle, your diet, and to design for you a functional naturopathic protocol beside phytoingredients and support formulas to push your body's regeneration.

Only surrounded by the last 16 months I enjoy been competent to see some 103 diabetics, out of which only 78 sticked to their Program, and 59 out of this finishing amount were competent to either catch rid of their diabetes medication permanently, or stifle the dosis while enjoying a more up to standard level of well-being, or reverse tons of the collateral damages associated with the disease. I can document everything I am wise saying here.

I know other Naturopath Practitioners who have have similar results with their diabetic patients.

Nevertheless, I detestation to give society false hopes, but the truth is that many respond greatly to serious solid natural treatments. And I regard you should know it.

If you really want to get rid of your conditions, return with ready to incorporate permanet change in your lifestyle for perfect, and to learn a strange way of living contained by order to regain form and maintain it.

As for the type of nutrients and herb that could provide you a valuable minister to, here are some:

Vit. C (3,000-5,000 mg/day)--crucial for the synthesis of sorbitol intracellularly.
Magnesium (800-1,200 mg/day)--to improve oxygen utilization inside the cell.
Vanadium--mimics insuline in type 2 diabetics.
Chromium Picolinate (GTF) 200-300 mg/day--glucose regulator.
Cactus fern with Aloe Vera liquid (addd cucumber, romain lettuce, celery and parsley with lemon juice)--have 20 oz twice a morning.
Gymnema Sylvestre--have 1 cup of tea/day.
Flax seed oil--3 to 4 tbsp per light of day (has to be organic and processed surrounded by cold)--rich source of w3-w6-w9 of high aspect.

Use Xylitol as your regular sweetener.

This same regime will help you also next to your blood pressure. But add garlic to enhance its effects.

Good luck! :)
Go check out " ". Science nutritional supplement products that will support on hypertenion & diabetes. Check out its scientific clinical trial results.
Try something different. I despised my meds when I was on them. Always seem like the side effects I be getting were outweighing the benfits. I own been taking fish grease and magnesium supplements (link: for about a year immediately and feel better than when I be on the meds.

Of course, I made some large change to my diet which were thoroughly important within the way I feel. Nothing ever outweighs the benefit of a healthy diet and regular exercise!
There are a few home/natural remedies which are worth trying.

Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure

*Powder 100 gm melon seed and 100 gm poppy seeds (khus-khus). Mix and store surrounded by a clean container. Consume 1 tsp near water morning and evening.

*A clove of garlic is notably recommended for high blood pressure. Chew one clove of garlic first item every morning and wash it down near water. The garlic can also be coarsely pound and swallowed near water.

*Make a liquid of 25-30 curry leaves with 1 cup of dampen. Strain and drink first thing contained by the morning. Limejuice can be added for taste.

*In like peas in a pod manner coriander or fenugreek leaves can be tried they won't impair in any track and at the same time one can find out what is best suited to their system.

*Mix 1 tsp honey near 1 tsp ginger juice and 1 tsp cumin powder. Have twice a year.
As an acupuncturist and herbalist for over 24 years, I have see some amazing results for diabetic(Type 2) and pre-diabetic conditions in the clinic.

It be when I was working surrounded by a medical office that did adjectives types of metabolic and hormonal testing that I become acutely aware of how effective Chinese medication was within these conditions as pre-diabetic patients were tested for insulin resistance and after retested after three months of herbal, food and acupuncture therapy. In respectively case the patients (who continued therapy) returned to a commonplace range.

The diagnosis for adjectives of these patients was "Spleen Qi Deficiency" as the Spleen govern over the pancreas.

In any case, within is a little particular herb called Oplopanax horridus that we use contained by our diabetes formula for the clinic. It is a Native American herb that we combine with Chinese Spleen Qi tonics similar to Astragalus.

Be Well!
There are many things that you can do to develop high blood pressure that don't involve drug. Diet and exercise are always first on the register but there are some fairly innovative products on the market that can comfort some people. I've be diagnosed with hypertension for going on for 10 years and am not the best at keeping to a good exercise regimen. I enjoy had correct luck with a product call resperate. Its a little portable CD-player sized device that help you lower your breathing rate to less than 10 breaths a minute for almost 15 minutes. It is not known why exactly this help to lower blood pressure but it does work. Its been through several successful clinical trials and here are lots of success stories out within. I've included a link if you want some more info. Good Luck!
Hawthorn is one raw herb you can use to relieve high blood pressure. It vasodilates the blood vessel to allow more fluid transport of blood.

There are more natural remedies contained by the free report at

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