(posting again) abet! OT endeavours for teen beside sensory integration dysfunction to bring back used to loud noise?

I really need relief. Can anyone point me to resources or activities to relief me start dealing with my inability to knob loud noises due to sensory integration disorder? I can't matter with them at adjectives. it's completely involuntary, and it's destroying my life. I'm trying EFT, self-massage, low muscle work, etc., but I'm just brand of making a lot of this stuff up as I run. Please, any ideas you might own would be amazing!

Thanks so much.

My son has central auditory processing disfunction, is what you have profusely like that? Noises that are not fragment of what he is listening to or doing, at any time, totally disrupt what he is trying to do.
When you listen to music, do you listen to it, loudly? The judgment I am asking is this: Are you able to listen to music at a low stratum only? If this is true, can you practice listen to the low sounds, then, slowly turn the volumn up, little by little..stopping at different level to desensitize yourself? I am not sure that I think that loud noise being unacceptable to you is a bad item! I cannot handle loud, raucous sounds, either. My ears really hurt when noise are loud, and so do my grandson's. What specific loud noises upset your system the most? I hope that you do find the track to help your system, suddenly. Good luck!
With EFT try muscle testing for any toxins or alergic reaction. On the eft site there is a DR Stephen Daniel, he have had great nouns with the exact urge. Good luck

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