what is antibiotics. Why should we take antibiotics to cure most of the diseases. Is it dicey any way. Name some adjectives antibiotics and its use pls?

Hi saji j, antibiotics are chemical or biological substances either produced by microorganisms or are produced artificially to snuff or inhibit the growth of other microorganisms. They are used at very low concentrations.

Is it perilous? Antibiotics is very toxic that medium that if the dose is much larger than expected then it may head to accumulation contained by the body and may even lead to annihilation in some cases. Second problem is of hypersensitivity, which finances that certain antibiotics for e.g. penicillins can create hypersensitive reactions within the body, which at times may be quite severe. But the most esteemed problem and the problem, which has attracted much concern among the medical fraternity, is that of resistance. Certain microorganisms for e.g. Staphylococcus are certain to get immediate resistance against the antibiotics and you need to be suspicious before using them blindly.

Name some adjectives antibiotics? Penicillin, cephalosporin, amino-glycosides, streptomycin and tetracycline are all examples of adjectives antibiotics. Penicillin is the largest group of antibiotics to be used in modern clinical prescription.

Why should we take antibiotics to cure most of the diseases? This wrong feelings. Only in extreme situations when other treatments do not work I am steal antibiotics.
Jason Homan
antibiotics even though cure amost of the diseases it is harmful if the dosage increases above a constant amount......
some of them are
neosporin, dart, etc
penicillin,ampiciallian,erithr... just to entitle a few.they are used to treat a large verity of infections viral and bacterial.most are past the worst with no or few side effects.some general public do get or develop allergies but your best bet is to contact your doctor or pharmacist for info on possible side effects.
Antibiotics can be chemicals who execute the foreign germs in our body who are treacherous to us.
Antibiotics are used in curing some diseases approaching Tuberclossis.
There are two types of germs that cause diseases. Bacteria, and virus. Antibiotics work only on microbes. The reason is that microbes are very much bigger, and live inside walls which the antibiotics break.

One adjectives way an antibiotic works is by mortal a 'cracked brick'. An antibiotic molecule looks the same as the building blocks a microbes is building its cell wall out of, but is much weaker. So, when the new germs is made using one, the wall breaks and the bacterium bursts and dies.

That is why antibiotics only work on growing, dividing, germs.
Levaquin, Tequin, Ketex, Keflex, Doxycycline, Minocycline, Bactrim, and similar drugs are used to control/eliminate bacterial infections of the respiratory system, internal organs, skin, bone, deep tissue, and for post surgical infection control.

They change on composition, whether a natural substance resembling penicillin, or lab created like Levaquin.

I am a firm believer surrounded by holistic and oriental medicine, but antibiotics do own their place, as do some other drugs and modern medical procedures. Overuse and incorrect use is the problem, not the drugs themselves.
Antibiotics are a type of drugs used to arrest bacterial multiplication which are responsible for causing sickness like disorientation, upper respiratory tract/urinary tract infections etc.
Antibiotics are of many types depending upon the mode of feat and site of action.
Commonly used antibiotics contained by routine for common infections are ampicillin, cloxacilllin, amoxicillin etc.
The test of antibiotic depends on severity of illness also depending upon the susceptible organism. In some cases antibiotics will special by culture and sensitivity test.
The dosage and duration of antibiotic use is also unfixed from to patient to long-suffering. So it is good to consult a physician and use the drugs as prescribed by him.
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