Accupuncture - Anyone own it done for bleak headache and/or weightiness control?

Well, I have settled that maybe it is time to try accupuncture for my doomed to failure headaches and thought if I be going to do that, then I may look into have it done for weight loss as in good health.

Anyone have it done for any of these and how well did it work, how did it perceive (painful), would you recommend it and how satisfied be you with it's results?

First, what is the wreak of the headaches, own you ruled out any possible medical causes?
I enjoy had acupuncture for tautness headaches, along near other symptoms after an auto accident.
Yes it help, yes it can hurt, especially if they insert a needle into and activation point( enhance the process being done for that call round.)
Very satisfied near the results, it can be very expensive. My physician be certified in Medical Acupuncture, obviously auto insurance paid, but the bill would enjoy been 1/2 out of pocket.
I would rule out adjectives other, causes for your headache, if you haven't already.
Hormone spikes related to menstrual cycle, Muscular, allergy, Rebound headache from taking too much aspirin and other analgesics.
I'd read up on this procedure first. I recognize that accupuncture is, in test, no better than a placebo.
My mom has be seeing an accupuncturist for years to help near her headaches. So far she have seen solitary a slight improvement. However, she have been have headaches since she be 16 and is now 50 so an automatic fix isn't really possible.

I saw an acupuncturist to operate with stress and anxiety and found that the needles bugged my plenty to stress me out even more.

Even though actupunture hasn't really worked for me, I know people who sware by it. Maybe you should merely givie it a try. I would also look into finding a biofeedback technician who uses something called The Life System or someone who does somehting call Body Talk. You can look up both systems on the internet. I do both and they have help me far more than accupuncture has.

Good luck :]
I am a licensed acupuncturist, and own treated headaches within the clinic for years. Patients are typically released with an herbal prescription after 6-12 weeks (12 weeks man a chronic migraine condition). I can only call in one patient within the last 8 years who didn't respond.

I would not consider going to a medical acupuncturist or chiropractic acupuncturist for this condition; they typically enjoy limited training. The chiropractors surrounded by our state only have need of 100 hours of Oriental medical training and the Md's go on weekends (I reflect one or two a month) for six months for their Oriental medical training.

A licensed acupuncturist, on the other hand, have to have 4 years of graduate studies at an Oriental medical conservatory to practice. This translates to about 3,000 training hours (if they are trained contained by herbs) in basically Chinese medicine to hold the national boards.

This is why a licensed acupuncturist can treat internal chronic conditions with a large amount of success. And acupuncture, done correctly, will correct hormonal imbalance, allergies, and muscular pain, etc.

Furthermore, surrounded by NC auto insurance pays 100% of claims for acupuncture treatment, so check with your legal representative in that type of situation.
Although I enjoy not ever done acupuncture for Headaches or Weight loss specifically, I have have acupuncture for controling chronic pain and releasing heated trama, and I have loved it. It seem to very effectively relax me.
I did not ruminate it was bleeding at all, unless you move and consequently it can (not always) shock you. It doesnt hurt, more just surprise. I love it and would do it path more often if my budget permitted.
I am a western medical doctor who specialized within neurology. I WAS a migraineur with bimonthly attacks mostly triggered by weather and by monosodium glutamate. I be treated with one acupuncture session surrounded by 2005 and haven't had a duplication of migraine until last week with the sole purpose! Had another session and am still headache free so far.

In fact, I studied acupuncture after that 2005 treatment and I've very soon ended up using it surrounded by my own practice for others with headache.

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