About crack....?

ya a couple of days my dad got busted buying crack. me and supposedly my mom thought it be just weed. im not sure how much she know. we stay at his parents house because my dad was on probation, and my grandparents said he admit to buying it with the money that THEY give him(he doesnt have a job) and i go online and found out EVERY time he went to capture "weed" he would call up his seller and ask for a dime and other stuff. that totaly bothers me, he has ben doing it 4 a long time obviusly, and immediately he has 4 to 5 years surrounded by prison. im 14,so im not gonna see him for ALONG time, when he get out,or bailed out, does he enjoy to go thru treatment? and can anybody plz convey me everything u know about it. and dont post another website plz(also everytime he be supposed to pay me put money on when i let him borrow money, we progress to grandparent that im at right now, (along time ago), he would in recent times say he couldnt settle me right now, and after calls up said purveyor and the gets something and this in recent times repeats.

I'm a recovering crack addict. Believe me giving him money is doing nought but screwing you both over. You're merely enabling the behavior. Cut him bad. It's hard but you inevitability to. Treatment is what I did to get out of trouble instead of spending 2 years within prision I did a few months in rehab. Not solitary did I not have to do time I get some information on my disease. However, I just come home and did the same stuff. Because culture kept giving me money. Crack is evil and doesn't give a crap more or less laws, house, or anything else. My mom kicked me out and that's what it took for me to get sober. Good luck.
Youve hear crack kills okay it does. It is one of the worst drugs b/c it is highly addictive. I have a loved one that was a crack organizer and she would steal from her own children. It is like the drug sucks them surrounded by and all they can deduce about is their subsequent high. Just stay strong b/c if he doesnt choose to procure help u will own a bumpy road ahead of you.

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