Alternative Healing regulated surrounded by Texas, WHY? Is the local healer (Cuenendero) in a minute within risk man unsanctioned?

A few years ago a house bill was enter into the Texas State Legislature to regulate Reiki. The house bill was submitted by a individual in Houston that be going to set up a monolopy for herself doing Reiki. We defeated that house bill with protest and demonstrations.
This time it is the Massage Therapy Board i.e. trying to regulate all the other types of Health Benefits that may include touch within any way. Reiki, Reflexology, Acupressure, Body Talk, Emotional Freedom Technique, Iridiolgoy,
The problem this time is not a soul is that excited or willing to stop this problem. They adjectives say.. yeah it shouldn't appear, but where is the goings-on for changing the mind of the Governor Rick Perry and have him Veto the Bill.
The House Bill 2644 for Massage Therapy, was presented surrounded by The House of Representatives, Passed to the Senate.. THEN someone slipped in an amendment to include adjectives the limitations for healing touch and it be approved and sent to the Gov. Office for signature.

The word is spelled "curandero".
A deeper research on the traditional health alternatives, base upon centuries of using herbs, press, etc., techniques widely acknowledged and spread as paying special attention therapies, will disclose the valid information.
For totalknowledge, beware of racial and social discriminatiory issues. Immigration belongs to a different set of thoughts.
As far as traditional drug is concerned in Mexico, this have never been applied within the secrecy, or invisible; medical traditional curanderos always enjoy been acknowledged, respected; it is in a minute, in the era of "fusions", beyond the transform of centuries (2000---) that this ancestral knowledge adjectives over the world is being fused to the solid medicine. It is a fusion of both (scientific/alternative) which will upgrade a best deeds, enriching each other's view (a real holistic, total approach). Like the integration of both brain hemispheres. Great doctors are in our day an example of this, Deepak Chopra, who is a PhD in Medicine, and also obviously, acknowledges "the other side" of the world, of the brain, of scholarship. Curanderos do the work doctors don't do, and viceversa. Both are complementary. Curanderos approach the total person, considering also the uncontrolled dimension, which is so constantly overlooked by the regular physician, dedicated to the technique, but taking for granted other aspects that dismisses lacking any further study. Real science opens question and researches before dismissing.
Totalknowledge, would be a great alternative. And beware of prejudices. This be written in the best intention and intents to promote totalknowledge.
Since these types of beneficial are false medicine they should not be permitted. You can still use their services or if you are one of them you can still practice the witch doctor medicine among your community the process it was done previously. Undercover and in off the record. Plus maybe you should do it for free since you are basically trying to help the untaught and illiterate, mostly immigrant who don't speak English and are afraid to go to the police after they enjoy been cheated and robbed.
The bill is probably person passed because of ignorant inhabitants like lestermount (see answer above). The governor wishes to be contacted, through petitions, phone calls, protest, anything it takes. It wishes to be made clear the number of Texans who depend on these forms of health diligence, and thereby the number of votes the governor stands to lose by signing such a law.

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