I have PCOS and am trying to lose weight...I know that my diet lacks omega-3..?

I am wondering if taking omega-3 supplements would help me lose weight.

Hi.I have PCOS as well and gained 85 pounds from it! I take omega 3s in oil form and pill form (among other supps). I only started to lose weight (17 pounds lost in just over 1 month) by cutting out ALL sugar and exercising (sugar is in everything...check labels! And it's also called many different things on a food label). I also take virgin coconut oil (VERY healthy oil and stops cravings which go hand in hand with PCOS)...Here's a site with some more info. If you try it...don't get the cheap stuff at WalMart...get the purest kind from health food stores or get online...I use Tropical Traditions brand (my doctor sells it too!)

p.s. Have you been to www.soulcysters.net? GREAT site for support from thousands of PCOSers...

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