Alli FDA approved diet pills used by a 16 year matured?

Anyone heard of the contemporary FDA approved diet pill:
That's their website. I wanted to try the pill, but it say people of 18 years and elder should use it. Do you think it'd be not detrimental or okay for me to try it even though I'm only 16?

plenty those don't care what type of drugs you steal into your body but think just about it, losing weight is a choice that with the sole purpose you control 100% whenever your ready to get through healthy and exercise day by day.
The thought of you taking diet pills scares me, you should really agree to your doctor about any freight problem, or "perceived" weight problem.
No long permanent status gain will ever be realized through diet pills. Your vigour will suffer. Eat better quality foods. Cut out hurried foods, eat more veggies, exercise. Drink marine, you don't have to be a enthusiast about it freshly do the little things like walking up the stairs instead of taking the escalator. Take a smaller piece of cake. Try drinking a chalice of water formerly eating your lunchtime, this way your full and won't put away the second helping.

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