Any treatment modalities for polycystic ovary syndrome?

My daughter who has juvenile diabetes have been diagnosed next to polycystic ovary syndrome. Regular medicine help control symtoms but doesn't seem to be really decisive at treating the "whole" person. Any accepted wisdom on what kinds of alternative medical modalities within might be for this? Any help or planning at all are response.

I have PCOS. I enjoy gone to Standford for a study. Dr Cataldo is the doctor. Go to

There really isn't anything yet to treat the unbroken person. I hold taken Rx for diabetes along with Aldactone. I have taken the BC pill also, I hated that! I won't clutch it anymore.

I WILL tell you that I become aware of a HUGE difference in the symptoms when I drink a lower carb diet. The hair growth is smaller number. But like the combo I mentioned above, that get rid of most of it also.

They also say that a symptom of this is infertility. I own three kids. My daughter does not have it although it pass from mother to daughter from what I understand.

There are simply so many ways that women show this. From balding to acne to the extra curls growth. My mom only have missed periods. My sister never missed a time of year but had issues next to her pregnancies. I would have conceivably 3 periods a year no issues beside pregnancies, but the hair growth - ICK! No acne - even contained by teen years.

PCOSA was formed by a group of women almost 10 or so years ago that have this. Wonderful group! Total grass roots group to numeral this out.
she is doing good if the medication are controlling the problem. i had to own a hysterectomy.
I have no view about alternitive pills but what I finally got started on be the birth control Yaz. I'm not a huge fan of tablets but it has worked wonders for PCOS. Basic patho 101: The ovaries hold cysts on them screwing up your cycle and kicking out the hormones at elevated odd level. To control the symptoms you need to seize the hormones under control. I notice a drastic change (for the moral!) after being on it for a month. Taking a pill a sunshine sure sounds better than surgery!
Treating the diabetes may help the PCOS. It's rock-hard to give you specific information, because I don't know how older your daughter is, how long it's been since the PCOS be diagnosed, and what regular medication she's taking.

Non-medication treatments include losing weight, exercising, and intake a low-carb diet and/or low glycemic index diet.

Ian Stoakes has published a couple of books about diets that may promote PCOS:

The PCOS Association has teen-specific information beneath "support".

Here are some sites that discuss alternative approaches to the condition:

As you can tell, there's a great deal out there. Best of luck.
I've get chronic diabetes and I've followed a treatment using green clay for 3 is very worthy for me, it treats the "whole" person...maybe you can buy clay in Naturist can check these sites for info:
hello. to my awareness till today there is no relevant treatment for polycystic ovarian syndrome within alternative medicines.
Both the conditions of your daughter have need of to be carefully monitored by methods of Modern allopathic prescription. Dr. Damle
I've heard that marigold tea can sustain

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