Any suggestions for alternative remedies for hypothyroidism?

Am on Thyroxine but is there anything else I could give somebody a lift to improve my condition?

First of adjectives do not stop taking your prescribed meds while you check out anything else and if you find some 'natural' remedy that involves actually swallowing a substance please check it near your doctor before taking it as it might interfere or dispense you some nasty side effects.

If you are looking for a drug free path to treat this then I suggest looking at get-up-and-go therapy.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a drug free psychoanalysis that you can learn yourself.

You can shift to a therapist to start next to and he or she will show you how to use EFT for yourself.

You can find out more from the web sites below.
The #9's (they contain Kelp, Garlic and Black Walnut) from this site are great, they also market Kelp ala carte which is great for maintaining clean thyroid function. You might have to send for Pomo Valley directly, they sometimes have trouble next to their online ordering. They're surrounded by Auberry CA...

*** For all those nay sayers... the proof is contained by the pudding. The only instrument to see if the herbal replacement is working is to do the bloodwork to find out. Going herbal is not always the answer but this personage is obviously intelligent adequate not to always filch their doctor's word on everything. If you want a more natural Rx, you could step with inborn thyroid replacer, but I would never use that- we don't eat pork products. (And no, we're not muslim)
suggestion: dont use any altenative meds. thyroid replacement drugs are certainly both the most natural and most important way to treat thyroid conditions
I would be markedly wary give or take a few taking anything other than what is prescribed by your GP as this is a enthusiasm threatening condition
and you have to be checked out every year to see if your medication desires to be changed
I have be taking Thyroxin now for 20 years and hold never seen anything else to lift
You might find some herbal tablets that say they will comfort but who knows if they work
nearby is a report of someone being competent to come off grain of thyroid by taking essaic,but obviously u shouldnt alter your meds unless your doc would read aloud its safe.most of the essaic sold is poor competence and dosnt work,hwize sell a exceedingly good interpretation although unfort its in alcohol but u dont necessitate to take much.
Coconut grease, fish oil, iodine (if deficient), thyroid extract, vit. a, vit, b3, zinc, bladderwack.

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