ALLI, Xenical who have taken any?

I read that Alli is just a low dose of Xenical. I am interested surrounded by taking it, But I want to know from people who own taken it. Like, Does it make you discern sick or jittery? Dose it work?

I have taken xenical. It doesnt get you feel sick AT All!
Just steal one whenever you have eat an extremely greasy meal, dont over do it and cart it everytime that you eat!

And beware, the following hours of daylight you will have to use the washroom a great deal! But it really prevent oil from anyone absorbed by your digestive system, but the grease has to come out, so.
truly I hear it gives you butt leak for real...Like other in the bathroom and soil yourself..know this lady who took it!
I enjoy taken Xenical in yesteryear and it really works. Xenical has none of the side effects of other diet pills i.e. dizziness, headache, dry mouth. But if you don't switch to a low fat diet and ponder because you are taking Alli/Xenical you can eat doesn`t matter what you are sadly mistaken. The side effects you will experience for not following the opinion of a low fat diet is massively loose stools, anal leaking, gas next to leakage, etc. So if you want to take it you should try to stick beside a healthy diet and exercise. Alli/Xenical is not a find skinny quick pill. It's a tool to assistance you reach your weightloss or bulk management goal.

Please note Xenical is prescription strenght 120mg and Alli is OTC (over the counter) strenght at 60mg. Alli will be package in 60, 90 and 120 count packages. This is better because you can demand the 120 count packages and take 3 per time and if you ned to "double up" because you feel resembling treating your self....stay close to a bathroom.then you can freshly take two and bring the effect of the prescription strenght. Good luck. I wish you a content and healthy go on your road to good condition.

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