Another Salvia Question?

Other than smoking dry salvia leaves, what else can I do? Can I ingest them straight? Mix them with something for different effects? Just chew them?

The Mazatec indians use Salvia vocally only. As I apprehend it, they fast for 3 days prior, drinking lone water and intake only small amounts of fruit. Then, surrounded by the night, surrounded by complete darkness and silence, they chew 7 rolled up "quids" of two fresh Salvia divinorum fern (14 leaves total). They do this after their fasting and prayer. After chewing respectively quid for 3 minutes, swallowing the juices and saliva, they swallow the quid. This is the traditional method, as I get it. I have not done it, but if I have Salvia divinorum leaf, I would do it this method. I stick to extract (10X, in my case) which individual "lasts" for 5-10 minutes of total insanity. Oral Salvia experiences are said to be much longer in duration, but smaller quantity intense.

For more information on Salvia divinorum I would look at in their Salvia basement. You will find links to lots of other Salvia sites there.

Don't mix salvia next to anything else. If you do ingest Salvia and have an experience, please put it on SalviaD Alliance (a Yahoo! group) as a post.

Please be risk-free, Salvia is no joke.
i own only hear that you can smoke them.
everyone i know thats ever tried salvia thinks it sucks... and never tried it more than once.. whats wrong wiht you?
I enjoy a documentary on this plant and the experts were both smoking and intake (actually chewing very powerfully and swallowing)

Be very cautious experimenting with this plant as it is a powerful psychotropic drug.
hello here,
i am by no means a salvia expert. however, i would read aloud i am a regular user. THIS IS NOT A PARTY DRUG! never ever do this drug at a place with lots of stimuli such as loud music, lights, etc. i could never obtain anything with lone dry leaves so i had to buy this extract online. the best website is it have by far the cheapest prices, plus its all awfully good stuff. the solely thing i would put on alert you about is i don't bother buying the standardized extract because the non-standardized is so close it doesnt situation. plus the only trunk difference is the amount of tar that builds up within your pipe, bong, whatever. it take so little of the extract to get you in that, that the difference is negligible. don't ever try to transport the leaves orally! it is so gross, i almost vomited at 5 minutes and you are supposed to chew for more or less 30. i would start out with a small vial of 6x extract for you. that shouldnt freak you out too much. don't try the 20x until you are greatly experienced with it. also, other make sure you hold a sober person to sit and keep under surveillance you as you tend to want to get up and touch stuff, which is VERY chancy in the state you are contained by. my best experience was on a golf course at dark with noone around.

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