its the weekend and i cant get to the doctor till monday, is within any alternative medications for antibiotics?

You won't Monday any it's Memorial Day. Get to a health food store and acquire some ginger, capsicum, slippery elm, rosehips and chop some garlic and empty a tablet of each herb into a mug and top near 1/4 t. chopped garlic. Fill with boiling hose, let steep for a few minutes and drink it down, don't strain it. I'm not kid about this one. I know how you get the impression, it always happen to me or my hubby or our 4 kids the day beforehand a long weekend. It'll burn your throat the first couple of mugs, and you'll smell funny, but what else could you do? An urgent care will own you sitting there for 6 hours and you'll bearing away with a huge bill! This enumerate I gave you are the ingredients surrounded by #10's at this online store I have shopped them for 16 years, used to live down the street... Order some to hold on hand for subsequent time!
In short NO. There are natural solutions that will support help boost your imperviousness, zinc, echinacea, garlic and vitamin C, but these are not anti-biotics. You will need to see the doctor as soon as possible if you already own an active infection.
Hi,filch a lot of garlic next to some food.Garlic is the best natural
Ecinacea and golden trademark root are the most used..garlic is good too .Not sure how you spell it...
Garlic is the best antibiotic. I use it adjectives the time when I get sick. I haven't be to the doc in a thoroughly long time. You can use garlic pills which work the same as the indisputable garlic cloves. Take double or triple the dose every day of the pills. Take them approaching an antibiotic would be prescribed. Garlic even works for yeast infections, sinus infections, abcessed tooth, and probably much more.

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