Does acupuncture hurt?

Although acupuncture treatments are tolerated very powerfully by the majority of people who receive treatments sometimes acupuncture nozzle insertion can hurt. Most commonly points on the hands and foot, or those points near areas of the body where on earth pain is feel are the most reactive or responsive to acupuncture needle insertion.

If you experience sharp torment in response to a hypodermic insertion, you should let the acupuncturist know so they can adjust the nozzle. If you experience a dull, throbbing or aching sensation i.e. what acupuncturist often describe as an appropriate repercussion.

All this being said, I am human being who is horribly phobic of needles, or syringes. I not only own acupuncture done all the time, but am a certified acupuncturist. It is nil like getting blood drawn, or injections.

I'm going to point out one error within the post below. The definition of "Certified" versus "Licensed" varies state to state. The BLANKET statement that certified acupuncturists own only 300 hours of training and a M.D. is erroneous. You stipulation to check with the state license board for correct information regarding the specific state of inquiry.
My experience be that, as long as I didn't move while the needles were within place, there be no pain.

I found acupuncture to be greatly helpful for my rear legs pain, especially when combined near chiropractic.
I recieved acupuncture once for a college project i did. It didn't hurt at all, except for one that brand of stung when the acupunturist stuck it directly in the rear legs of my neck. They do not move about in thoughtful though and the pain be extremely minimal. It feels really worthy after a few seconds because of the massive endorphin rush to that element of the skin. If you can, I say shift for it!
OUCH! (I just needles myself!).

Actually, the Chinese give the name the needling sensation at an acupuncture point "duh jay". It simply medium "needling sensation". But the point of it is that the Chinese utter that even if you've had acupuncture needles but no Duh Jay, you haven't have acupuncture.

This is because it is necessary for the bodys unruly circulation to reach the plunger and activate it so that the body can use it to alleviate itself. A typical patient would be one from yesterday who come with a herniated disc contained by the low back and severe digestive difficulty.

I used the Supertouch STR (tm) to rehablitate the muscles on the inner and outer spine, he moved out with no strain and it won't return.

I also used needles to assist treating the back and for the digestion. Not with the sole purpose did he feel the needles stir it (but not extremely), interstingly enough, he also experienced spasming within the spleen/pancreas area as those organs go from about 25% functioning to just about 90% functioning within the course of one treatment.

He explained that he have been vomiting and couldn't hold down food, would become boated, chronic fatigue, etc. when he asked "what be all that spasming and activity" I said, " specifically you being competent to eat french fries if you like" because his digestion will very soon be that good.

By the instrument, in New York State and heaps others a Licensed Acupuncturist has a minimum of 4500 hours training plus National Board Certification.
A Certified Acupuncturist have 300 hours of mostly video and a Medical Doctors license.
An NADA acupuncturist has two weeks of training and use the ears lone (to great effect) for the treatment of addiction.

Best Wishes and remember, you can scream adjectives you like.. when you receive to your car <yikes> :-)
Acupuncture CAN hurt.


I enjoy been treated by some acupuncturists for some conditions near needles applied lightly to the surface. In these cases near was no discomfort and sometimes I couldn't even feel the plunger.

In other cases I have be treated by some acupuncturists for some conditions with needles inserted thoroughly deeply into my tissue. In these cases within was sometimes cramp and sometimes a feeling of "electricity." It be uncomfortable but usually I used to to it and in the lapse, this approach to treatment was most important for my conditions.
If in honourable hands it does not hurt.
I enjoy bruises from the needles but, they really didn't hurt . I feel much better. A few bruises are worth the gain.
I am not sure if it hurts, but from doing research, it can hurt if your acupuncturist is not totally sure what he is doing. Also, number one article to keep an eye out for, is that your acupuncturist uses untried and unused needles. It has be done before by Acupuncturist not using verbs needles.

I am doing my first session of acupunture on thursday for both of my knees. I hurt my left leg one playing basketball and over the time, my right knees got hurt from over use while beneficial my left knees.

However, anyone reading this.has anyone tried acupuncture for their knees and have it helped?

Also, for those who own said acupuncture has help you, do you mean, you tried a few sessions of it and next your pain be gone forever? or just temporarily?

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