What is the best agency to restore to health operate wound aside from fish & sturdy boiled egg?

my friend got operate in the stomach 4 times. the doctors kept the wound(4-5 inches)open & allows to treat. she is a strict vegetarian & required to know of vegetables that will help contained by fast therapeutic of the wound.

In Homeopathy CALENDULA(Marie-gold) is known to restore to health and cure deep gash and wounds and surgical incisions like artifice. It is available in emolument form or you can buy it in Q(Mother Tincture) potency and mix it within any unscented non medicated moisturizer and apply it to the wound and it cures without departing a visible mark. Totally amazing results. To read more about this treasure of a remedy please click the link :- http://homeoint.org/books/boericmm/c/cal...

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soy beans hold the most protien in them.
By indiscriminate is your name Borat?
Just kind sure she eats very well, and keeps thriving. There is no magic food that will aid her heal breakneck. It's important that she is alert with how much she eat obviously because her wound is sensitive to stomach expansion (depending on the location of the wound).
In practice, we find that copious vegetarians are not up to standard in complete proteins and minerals.

Is she lacto-vegetarian? She won't be getting colagen from eggs then, or complete protein from milk products.

Assuming she is surrounded by fact lacto-vegetarian, it's best to really be diligent about food combining and bring back that complete protein, and possibly look into a liquid mineral supplement, because even if she's drinking all organically grown, at hand are only a few farm in the US that hold properly restored their minerals to the overfarmed lands they got for cheap.

Good Luck... :)
Broccoli, spinach, turnip greens as far as builidng bodily recovery and functional abilities. Assume your friend is on "drainage" mode and cannot apply cocoa butter or other topicals to the nouns to promote healing as the wound is still spread out. You mentioned fish and eggs which translates she is a moderate rather than a strict lacto-vegetarian which would exclude dairy products altogether. In such a case, yogurt, cottage cheese and body building "elixers" such as "blender magic"
could be incorporated. Used to pass my mom (Pancreatic cancer) the following: 1 egg, 1 banana, 1 yogurt (8 oz) 4 oz apricot or peach nectar as often as she would drink it. You can delete the egg if your friend is tough core vegan or tell stories about it within her best interest as eggs are protein or you can up her protein with cheese, peanut butter, beans, your choice here.
Vegetarian patients near wounds will need to hold their menus revised to incorporate a variety of nuts, grain, legumes, fruits, vegetables, and beverages. Snacks, such as nuts or a whey protein nutrition bar, append to the daily protein content of a diet.

Vegetarian diets may also be low surrounded by vitamin D, calcium, iron, vitamin B12, and zinc.1 Therefore, a multivitamin supplement may be needed to ensure that 100% of the daily requirements are met and that deficiency are avoided.
I heard Reiki is well-mannered as an extra source of energy especially past and after surgery. Good luck!

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