I was wondering if at hand were any supplements or vitamins I could use as a fluent antibiotic. I am allergic to pennicilion if that helps within any way.

Echinecea is particularly good for helping hang on to your immune system in check. Golden Seal is perfect but can cause stomach ache. If you have a disorientation sip on peppermint tea. If you have ache and pains take White Willow Bark.

The best entity you can do, especially if you have allergies to the antibiotics, is save your immune system in tip top shape.
There are several products you can purloin every day that are severely good for this.

My personal favorite is a product call Greens + (Greens plus). It's powdered so I mix 3 tsp. with 1/2 c. apple liquid and drink it down. Just once a day.

It have all kind of ingredients that are wonderful for keeping your immune system running smoothly and, when I take it regularly, I don't attain sick.

And I'm allergic to everything (or so it seems sometimes :) so I hold to take effort of myself.

Good luck.
Garlic.Kyolic Garlic...two every 4 hours like great...lots of fresh daughter is allegic and I used this her adjectives life...she is as healty as can be and it works alittle slower but other works...hope it helps
Goldenseal is a raw antibiotic. It should never be taken on a regular basis, or for more than 2 weeks at a time.
if you are chitchat about penicillin afterwards I assume that you cannot take it during a mean infection. That is an acute condition and if you have high-ranking fever I would turn with a different antibiotic and dont mess around. At other times you can thieve probably a hundred different dietary supplements to boost your immunity stratum. This then would hold on to acute infections to a bare minimum. I lug immune boosters and have needed antibiotic 2 or 3 times within the past 10 years..

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