Why does anti-depressants spawn you gain freight?

Not all culture taking anti-depressants gain weight. For me, it be just the divergent. I completely lost my appetite after starting a regimen of Zoloft. That was 6 months ago, & I still haven't feel hungry since. Eating has become a chore for me; a moment ago like brushing my teeth & doing the laundry.

Some those do gain weight, however. This is because anti-depressants (or SSRIs) affect your brain chemistry. The effects these enjoy on people are unusual to each merciful.

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the drugs translate your bio-chemistry.
the truth!! it relaxes you and makes u want to get through like zanax u are poised and loving and all u want to is put away so try to eat vegs nad fruits
I'm not slightly sure, but if you are looking for one to help you LOSE bulk, try Wellbutrin. I dropped down from 155 to 118 on that medication. I suddenly had more verve to get up and do things, and I mull over there is also something chemically that alters your appetite.

My friend took it for awhile too and done up at a size 0. But just for the transcript, I don't condone taking it purely for the purpose of weight loss.
it depends on the anti-depressants not adjectives cause one to gain cargo. St. Johns Wort is an anti-depressant herb.. it didn't cause me to gain freight! In fact I lost solidity using it! Peanuts are an antidepressant and so is chocolate and same for Cinnamon! I sure like cinnamon on toast using brown sugar not white. White isn't obedient for you! When I'm really depressed I polish off a jar of Peanut butter! Sometimes append jam or brown sugar to the peanut butter.
Allapathy meds resembling Zoloft or prozac change the brain chemistry the body compensates and become fat!
it slows down your metabolism and stimulates your appetite.
look surrounded by to , st, johns warts an or SAM-e.it is better for you, innate
They don't make you gain bulk. They can cause you to be rather hungrier now and later, but, you do not have to drink just because of that. They can motivation you to relax and to not think roughly speaking how you will gain weight if you EAT adjectives you feel similar to eating. Still, antidepressants do not cause you gain weight. You motive yourself to gain weight, if you do, while on them.

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