A friend is currently getting chemotherapy for a type of blood cancer, what are some angelic alternative /?

or complimentary medicines or things that they can do to cure themself of cancer. Or what doctors should they walk to to get facilitate with something else bar the chemotherapy to help cure them of the cancer? thankfulness

This is important to know.

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Please dont manufacture your friend stop chemo, that is his best arbitrariness of surviving the cancer. By using herbal extracts or other treatments instead of what professional doctors give he will essentially be bloodshed himself.

Their are natural products that can back prevent cancer but there is nought that will actually cure it once youve get it. If there be we would be using it and not seeing thousands of people die every year from cancer.
I believe the dust has cures for everything but doctors don't want to cure anything because they would turn out of business... they just want to treat and drug you.

Anyways. I enjoy heard honourable things about shiitake mushrooms, hot pepper, garlic, onions, anything with illustrious levels of antioxidants (fruits, coffee, green tea.. etc.)... I am no expert but I own done a lot of reading on nutrition...

Here is a website that may be of interest: http://www.ahealthyme.com/topic/dietcanc...

Also do a query on google and yahoo about foods that quarrel cancer... tons of information will come up... I hope this helps as I own lost two relatives to cancer. Good luck and peace be with you.
The doctor is the best human being to describe the treatment choices and discuss the expected results. Depending on the type and extent of the disease, patients may have chemotherapy, biological treatment, radiation therapy, or bone marrow transplantation. If the patient’s spleen is enlarged, the doctor may suggest surgery to remove it. Some patients receive a combination of treatments.
Keeping nutrition up while continuing chemo is the best approach. My mother is now completely finishsed near her treatment as of Friday..Your friend should keep up on high-ranking protein diet that they can manage short getting nauseated. They need the nutrients to treat as they will starting from ground zero.
Continue beside the chemo. Start taking juice of fruit Morinda Citrifolia or Himalayan Gojiberry. This will nullify the side effects of chemo. Continue drinking this fruit liquid for the rest of life.
hi! A apt question. cancer chemotherapy have NO alternative. But the side effects can be reduced by referring to Hoemeopathy, Acupuncture, Naturopathy in combination. remember please, that it should not be used as a primary treatment. Dr Damle
I disagree that chemotherapy is the simply "primary treatment "for blood cancer.

Blood cancers respond terribly well to treatment by an expert surrounded by Classical Chinese Medicine, utilizing acupuncture , Chinese herbal formulas, dietary therapy and nutraceutical supplementation.
I hold had apt results in my own private practice using the above protocols.
I enjoy been researching unprocessed or alternative cancer treatments for some time. A product you may find interesting is called Gumbi Gumbi, a traditional Australian Aboriginal prescription.
Hi, I hope your friend is doing better. There IS hope. God bless you both.
I just subscribed to "Second Opinion" a medical newsletter out of Atlanta, Georgia, and don't you know it...Dr Robert Rowen provided several option.

Artemisia, a plant from Southeast Asia, can be used at home. Cancer cells resistant to chemo drugs showed no resistance to the extract artemisincontained by.

IPT (Insulin Potentiation Therapy) is doctor-administered, uses 1/10 the normal dose of chemotherapy, usually have no toxicity. Available sources were down in the report letter.

The Dr. William Kelley program (developed within the 1960's) has 3 chief parts: balance the pH through diet and supplements, taking pancreas enzymes and detoxifying the body.

And to avoid radiation treatment, Dr Rowen suggests capsaicin, the extremely hot extract of red peppers.

For integrative doctors call on acam.org and icimed.com

All the best to you both

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