Alternative therapy for infertility?

Had 3 failed ICSI attempts. Tempted to try some alternative therapy cos I'm sure the problem lies in my commander!! Where do you start, there are so various.

Homoeopathy worked for me & has for various of my patients as it gets you surrounded by as good shape as possible + if at hand are emotional issues, it treats these too. At the clinic I work at, colleagues contained by other disciplines have have good successes too near hypnotherapy, osteopathy. Find one that suits your needs but I would suggest near the information you have given, to try homoeopathy as you touch that there may be an heartfelt component. Go to to find a local practitioner.
i did just answer your other quiz, i have hear stories where the women tried accupuncture and found themselves pregnant a short while after, i guess it depends how far and how much hope you are willing to put into things, again obedient luck
reflexology is good for infertility
try acupuncture..u will see the benefits
I used an herbal treatment from the extraordinarily reputable company, Planetary Herbals. I used their Women's Dong Quai Treasure after not getting pregnant for 6 months. I took it one month and was pregnant. It is in fact a "female reproductive system support", but it works when women are have fertility problems - it puts everything back contained by sync. You can buy it online or at Wild Oats Market.
check out the book called hindmost to eden has lots of information on herbal remedies for simply about everything including infertility
This doctor have helped women newly like you. He uses no medication and no needles. He's amazing.
Check it out

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