Any accurate books on "homeopathic" cures?

I would recommend that you take the free course on homeopathy from and steal the instructor's advice more or less buying a few good books. Every homeopath have his/her favorite books. I have a big collection and since I approaching almost all of them and get benefit, I cannot give you specific recommendation.
try a web site for herbal therapeutic
they are very informative & own all kind af things for you.
Any book by Kevin Trudeau is good. I enjoy his book called "More Natural Cures Revealed". It is similar to the Bible of Natural Cures. I find this book very functional and true! You can also check out
No, at least not within favor of homeopathic cures. This is part of a research daily I wrote about alternative medicine that explain about homeopathic cures.

Homeopathy be created some 200 years ago by a man named Samuel Honomin. This be back when tablets was smaller amount of a science and more of an art. With a good intention Honomin tried to add to the quality of medication by created the 4 rules of homeopathy:
1. Do a proving.
2. Match symptoms of patient to proving and endow with matched substance to patient.
3. Do not donate patient the substance, supply him a highly diluted form of the substance.
4. The more dilute the “medicine” is the stronger it is.

A proving is to run a healthy personage and give him a set substance, then story the symptoms. By observing the lenient and asking questions find the best contest from the proving and give them that substance to reverse the effect. An example is if a party has trouble sleeping, the proving say the caffeine can keep a human being from sleeping. The cure is to give the parson who have trouble sleeping caffeine to make them tumble asleep. Diluting, This is where homeopathy really falls apart. To dilute the substance it is “susessed” than is to help yourself to 1 part to the substance and mix it next to 10 parts water by shaking it 10 times up and down, 10 times side to side , and 10 times stern and forth. This is a 1X solution, and is considered far to powerful to give to anyone. One chunk of this new solution is taken and added to 10 parts river for a 2X solution and so on. A 20X solution is considered the maximum potency . This is expressed mathematically by 1 part within 100,000,000,000,000,000,000. At this point the solution is considered attenuated. Most solutions at between 30X and 1500X. This takes us to a point of no return. Avogrado’s Number, this is the point at which a solution have only the unsystematic of 1 molecule present of the original substance. Avogrado’s Number when represented on impossible to tell apart scale as the homeopathy remedies is 23X. At 24X the is with the sole purpose a 1 in 10 opening of 1 molecule present. The 1500X solution is too big to imagine for most of us. The mathematician Martin Gardener be able to express this as a metaphor. It is equivalent to taking 1 small piece of rice, crushing it into a fine powder and dissolving it in a sphere of hose the size of the solar system out to Pluto.

In short homeopathic cures are nothing more than sugar or starch pills infused next to “Magic Water” relying on the “placebo” effect. You can find this out for yourself if you read the specifics on how it is supposed to work rather that taking for granted the recopies given.

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