Alternative remedies for Emphysema?

Are there any innate remedies for easing the symptoms associated w/Emphysema?
<asking for a relative>

I would suggest you consult a Homeopathic Doctor, nothing works better. Take it from someone who know by experience. I have tried Homeopathy on a friends suggestion and never looked wager on nothing works similar to Homeopathy does.
And don't let the nay sayers discourage you, its beyond doubt marvelous. I am not a doctor or a Homeopath I just know by experience. You wont know unless you try.
Wishing you the best of Health

Viva Homeopathy.
No. Emphysema is cause by the air sac stretching out and not being competent to retract after exhalation which makes breathing enormously difficult. Oxygen is the only item I can think of that ease the symptoms. Also you may want to make sure this personality is no longer smoking or being exposed to second appendage smoke, or any other pollutants in the atmosphere such as perfumes, colognes, room deodorizers, etc.
Quit smoking and aim your exposure to toxic air.
Maintain a typical weight – excess bulk can cause the heart and lungs to work harder.
Eat a fit diet of foods that are low in soaking wet fats and rich contained by fruits, vegetables and whole grain. Avoid foods that contain white flour, are sugar laden or contain dairy products.
It have been shown that consumption several small meals a afternoon eases digestion and make breathing easier.
Learn relaxation techniques and find ways to gait your activities.
Begin an exercise regimen. Talk to your doctor nearly recommendations for leisure levels and restrictions. Exercise help to build endurance.
Special breathing exercises hold been show to bring in breathing easier by supporting your ability to bring more nouns into the lungs and forcing trapped air out. They also work to strengthen the chest muscles.
Take steps to support your body’s immune system and fall your risk of catching a cold or the flu, both of which can impact your lungs.
Aromatherapy oils such as frankincense, rose damascene, tea tree grease, thyme and eucalyptus all own properties that support the respiratory system.
The herb lobelia has historically be used as a muscle relaxant and expectorant. It is often recommended for individuals next to emphysema.
Omega 3 oil is normally called upon to aid reduce inflammation within the body and may help to raise the health of the lung cell.
Fenugreek & Thyme can open, loosen & stimulate serene removal of mucus and phlegm from the lungs. It is often used to relieve congestion, cut back on inflammation and fight infection.
Another traditional remedy for conditions of the lungs is lungwort, which have been shown to be particularly effective for recuperative affected tissues.
Red clover have been historically used to control spasmodic coughing.

Emphysema is supposed to be incurable disease. Try yoga to dull the effect. Indian Mulberry fruit juice also have been within use.
1)Go vegan and build/regenerate competent tissue next to competent raw nutrient dense fresh lacto-vegetarian nutrition. (Just as one who loses massive amounts of weight have loose skin and after a few years it tightens as a drum, just as one develops tooth cavity and the tooth regenerates, only just as neurons and all other tissues regenerate according to stem cell anatomy, your lung stem cell will regenerate your lungs into perfect tissue once again). 2)Move to moderate climate essential the ocean which is a nutrient hip bath of iodine and all other elements. 3)Exercise.

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