Alternatives to Sleep aids pills?

I take Valerian root. It is a automatic relaxant. You should be able to find it within any vitamin area at any store.

flawless luck!
melatonin or booze
Warm milk is great because of the triptophan (spelling). Or, you could try some camomile tea.
i take melatonin. it works great!
valerian, kava kava, or the amino sour taurine
Marijuana, and alcohol will put ya to sleep 9 out of ten times
Hops extract helps support majority sleep and relaxation.
Valerian whole root, which supports majority sleep while providing additional phytonutrient benefits.
Valerian extract standardized to 0.8% valerenic sharp, which has be clinically proven to help promote sleep and remodel sleep quality. You can try
Instead of prescription drugs this is what I do :
Do not put away within 2-3 hours in the past bed(especially sweets,/carbs and caffeine products)
Set a sleep routine

I take 2 Stress Relief Complex and 1 Cal Mag after I have a hip bath as hot as I can stand then when I come out of the hip bath I get right into bed and any try watching a little TV or reading but I never finish the chapter or the show on TV.
Only use sleep aids as a later resort

Routine is key. Get into a great routine beside bedtime and stick to it. I've always read that tv is outstandingly bad for going to sleep. It's too stimulating for you to really bring sleepy. Other activites that are less stimulating can truly tire you down and help you run to sleep. These are activities approaching reading or word or number puzzles. I love SUDOKU it is light and stimulating and realy tires my brain so that I go right to sleep when I turn bad my reading light.

Certain foods can relieve you go to sleep... drinking a touch bit of milk is good whether it's thaw or cold. There are some teas that are decafinated that are good to drink for a moment before you walk to bed, I think one is cammomile.

Doing something peaceful like rubbing your hand, arms and legs down with a soothing lotion is relaxing and can help you loop down. Some lotions are made especially for this: Johnson & Johnson's bedtime lotion.

Some sounds and scents are also relaxing and abet you wind down. Sometimes I stir to sleep listening to a extraordinarily low classical cd, or nature sounds, also the nouns of the ceiling fan on lofty helps me travel to sleep.

Also the bedtime lotion's nice smell is very relaxing.

Avoid drinking or drinking foods with caffeine up to that time bed as well as medication that may save you awake.

Good luck.
have you tried essential oil? this website has blends & free recipe for sleeping.
Valerian will help and is crude.

Relaxing music is also very cooperative.

Don`t take anything next to caffeine, it is sure to keep you awake.

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