After taking enchincea herbal supplement to cleanse blood and swollen lymph node..catch sight of slight affliction within node??

ever heard of this? is this coming from the actual cleansing of lymph nodes?

I can't say-so the pain is truly coming from the cleansing of the lymph nodes, but there are several precautions that should be taken while using echinacea. While over-the-counter herbal products are normally considered safe for anyone to use because they are all-natural, they do hold medicinal properties that should be taken into consideration - just to be risk-free. Echinacea should not be used by people next to illnesses that affect the immune system or people who hold allergies to plants in the sunflower relatives. I'm guessing that your reaction may be more allergic than anything, but it's thorny to say for sure. Try lay off the echinacea for a week or so, and see if the misery lessens. Please be aware that continuous use of echinacea is injudicious. I wish you luck!
echinacea doesn't really work that very well (for me anyways), I would ask a person to relief you find another remedy. I like to use golden stamp, it comes in pills or a tinker. Its an antibacterial root. I usually use it contained by a tinker and mix with tea or put it within my Netti pot. I also just get over a cold and used the brand Kold Kare which I bought from my local natrual store. there are copious other options. Yes, i.e. common when you enjoy an infection. you have almost six of them. 2 on your pelvis, 2 on your throat and 2 on shoulder blades. if you have an infection it cause them to swell to help face-off it. feel better!

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