A ask for ladies who hold used the in the future treatment for yeast.?

is it worth the money, and is there vulva cream included? i'm afraid it'd be a dribble away of my money. i know the 3 day treatment works, but i'd approaching to know ahead of time about the soon. thanks!!!!!

Why would you want cream for your volvo?
the 1 light of day was a debris of money for me, 3 day is best!
Acording to my sister, the sometime is tooo strong and being
sensitive down within, she had a problem.
3 time works as well as save better than 1 day unless you pocket a prescription diflucan (definatly worth the doc. visit and it's 4-10 dollars at most pharmacy's no mess) Since you cant own sex for a week anyway go for what you know (I vote go draw from a prescription though if possible once you capture one most doctors will call you one surrounded by when ever you need one!)

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