Adderoll or ritalin which is better?

ive taken adderoll but not ritalin which is better?

Same medicine. Adderal XR is extendappendage release for all year.
These are prescription drugs. The question does not belong contained by alternative medicine. Let's assume here that they are prescribed for appropriate reason after careful evaluation of the tolerant.

Both Adderal and Ritalin are used as adjunctive treatment for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Basically they help the artificial person sustain a focus of attention. Ideally, a childish student with ADHD should find further assistance, but that is habitually not the case.

Ritalin is hastily excreted from the body, so it often have to be administered during school hours. A long acting form is available.

Adderal is excreted more slowly, so it solitary has to be given once a year in most cases. I one-sidedly think it is more efficient than Ritalin, but that is freshly opinion. I devise it is also more subject to abuse.
Both are death-defying drugs with "Black Box warnings" from the FDA. Neither treats or cures the raison d`¨ētre of problems. It may be better to look for a doctor that works with the long-suffering to find and fix the CAUSE of symptoms, rather than mask the symptoms with these uncertain drugs.

Best wishes and good luck.

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