What vitamins / herb / holistic approach would abet near rudeness degeneration / numbness ?

I might have pernius anemia, Raynauds Syndrome/Phenomenon or doesn`t matter what, but in any suitcase, I need some inherent approach to keeping the symptoms from worsening. No MD's for now - a moment ago advice from population who are in the alternative robustness industry or have personal experience beside these type things... Thanks ahead of time!
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Well I am sorry to say that I do not know around all of the diseases that are mentioned but I do know that the B-vitamins are excelent choices for bottle regeneration. B-12 for one and thiamin or B-1 or the denial thereof is the cause of muscle cramps and spasms contained by the condition known as Beriberi cause by alcohol abuse. I recomend a devout sublingual B-complex because they work best together. Sorry that I'm not more technical but I hope this might back until you can find something better like the ones suggested.
I individually live with a chronic dull pain condition known as Reflex Symapthetic Dystrophy which involved seriously of nerve and tissue degneration and neuropathic anguish. I have found a organic supplement "Himalayan Goji Juice" from Freelife International that has help me with the aching and given me more energy as ably. It is a nitritional supplement that comes from a little red berry "Goji Berry" from Asia and Freelife have the best on the market as they enjoy scientifically researched the special DNA fingerprint of the berry to maintain and use just those each year that bump into the highesrt of quality and standardized their liquid. I don't know if you are having neuropathic spasm or not as a result of your condition but if you are I would recommend this. It is a bit expensive but not really when compared ot the cost in the medical enclosed space today. You can go to www.jeffhartzog.freelife.com and click on North America to attain further info concerning this product if interested. However if your condition is pernicious anemia Vitamin B12 shots will reverse this condition rather very well and maintaining it beside shots at weekly intervals will enable you to live a mundane life if this is the incentive of your symptoms. If not then I don`t know the juice is something to be exact the answer.
wow my hats bad too you . there have been leading break throughs in stem cell research and stem cell can and will replace nerve cell Im not sure exactlly what your particular problem is but the product that me and my friends and familly use have surley changed thousands of lives and ive heard relatives talking give or take a few having conditions sounding approaching yours and getting big time results you may start your research at my website but dont stop there we hold confrence calls and this is be many society with similar conditions share within stories come visit www.wanesweb.com [email protected]
This is the clinic of East Asian Medicine.
Your symptom means that capillary vessel do not working
usually. The reason is cause from autoimmunity.

With herbal treatment, we have lots of experiences for
the trement of autoimmunity symptoms, for example,
Burger's disease, anonymous blood vessel disease etc.

Please visit www.harabiclinic.com and click English.
In English cases are outstandingly few, but we think it is advantageous for understanding how the herabal prescriptions are composed.

Think it simple!
It is not incurable problem.
Go to beeroyalproducts.com and bring their FRESH ROYAL JELLY, royal jelly has oodles healing properties and have the highest content of B-5 and acetyl choline that re nourish the nerve ending. There is a great book you can also get THE LONGEVITY SOLUTION by Dr. Cass Ingram

Royal Jelly have been used since Egyptian times and is a strong constituent of Asian medicine. God Luck
If it be me, I would seek out a reputable Acupuncturist. They can oblige with amazing problems. It sounds resembling you need a serious dietary move. I will include the website for the Kushi Institute which will give you some accepted wisdom for dietary changes to relieve you overcome the problems that you face. I would also suggest that you start using a body scrub to increase circulation contained by your fingers and toes. You can take a swab cloth and dip it in ginger sea, (take a ginger root, grate it into a piece of gauze, tie the gauze so as to make for a moment bag, squeeze the daypack into a pot filled near 4 cups of water and put the rucksack into the pot as well. Bring to a boil consequently simmer 15 minutes. Squeeze the bag again, afterwards let cool slightly. Dip your washcloth into the ginger sea, wring it out, then rub briskly between the fingers and toes as economically as on them). DO NOT throw away the ginger water because it can be reused. You can also rub the arms and bring the circulation up contained by them as well. This should abet to alleviate some of the symptoms.

Please understand that you call for to change your diet as okay. No dairy, meats, sophisticated flours and sugars. Eat plenty of whole grain, especially brown rice, fresh veggies (organic whenever possible), fresh fruits in season and sunflower seed (not commercially salted). You can also use Barley malt or Brown rice syrup for sweetness as well as apple liquid. Get a copy of the Macrobiotic Diet by Michio Kushi and read it. It will give you the supporting principles. My girlfriend had breast cancer, stage 3, and changed her diet to the Macrobiotic diet and her cancer be completely gone in 4 1/2 months. There are bunches of testimonials for lots of different diseases on the website that will amaze you - and they really do work. I go on the diet and lost 56 pounds in 4 months and dropped my insulin usage to smaller number than half of what I be taking.

I hope this helps! And my best to you, my dear.
my heart go out to you. I suffer with cheek damage from a broke d¨Ścolletage when I was 16,and another wreck a year ago chronological February
just final night I have a migraine, the right side of my face,ear,cheek, everything was so excruciating and automatically own tears
there are times I can't hoof it, other times I can't lift my arms etc.
it's chronic misery
my spine is so mess up and they are wanting to reline my spine from my neck down near metal plates and screws
I be on so much medication due to the pain, and I believe they merely add to the problem
presently I am back to the medication they use to use for depression, Elavil, which I filch at night and help me sleep
side affect, weight gain
When you are in poor health in any means of access rest is #1
God bless you<><
Bee royal jelly! It has wonderful beneficial properties. I take it on a regular argument. Try and stay way from the freeze dried (full of fillers) and the "discount" brands (watered down) because they are virtually ineffective.

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