All in the order of smile quest teeth whitening?

All home whitening kits are a rubbish of time and money. If you really want your teeth white then your better visit your dentist to get it done. A guy I work near had it done 3yrs ago at a cost of lb500 and his teeth are still gleaming white
I have my teeth whitened with zoom laser cost lb400 8 days after that teeth back pale and it was drastically painful. don't consume u money.I have have whitening products from the chemist nothing works solitary verniers
If smile quest uses the same system that I have recieved, laser tooth whitening, then my answer is no. I feel very ripped stale as the initial result was not really good, and as a further insult I be asked to purchase additional supply of 'top up fluid' which your supoosed to apply twice day after day, at seperate times from brushing, to 'prevent' your teeth going back to their resourceful colour. Was a scam, but I didn't actually settle for it so I can't complain too much.

If the system uses peroxides then I deem it will be a good result for you. Don't try any laser treatments.

Also, home whitening kit are very influential and very cheap. most require you to save a strip of film resembling substance on your teeth, the one I tried was 30 minutes a morning but I think within are 5 minute ones now or perchance less, hold a look around on google to see what you can. My brother had great results from this since.

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