(with braces) Is nearby a downside to...?

wearing double rubber bands on both sides of your mouth when you be instructed to wear only one on respectively side? I was supposed to own braces for a little over a year but instead I with the sole purpose had them on for 8 months because I did this and the orthodontist be pleased with my progress- I newly wonder if it was stupid of me- I don't hold any problems now tho

That's pretty funny... I'm going to ask my orthodontist more or less this one! My guess is that they do it more slowly because it's not just a issue of your teeth being moved around - but the concept being more of them "growing" into their current positions. Making such a fast (and somewhat violent) transition could be set to your teeth shifting back to how they be before. Better wear your retainers adjectives the time!
You don't want to try to push the progress. I feel ur headache tho, i had braces for 5 years. You basically have to be tolerant, i know its hard. I tried to rush and didnt wear a retainer after i get them off, and immediately 3 years later my bottom teeth are shifting! So freshly make sure you do! So they dont move backbone since it may have not given ur teeth adequate time.

Just keep an eye on them
And yay for no braces!

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