17 mnth frail no teeth?

My baby is 17 mnths ancient with not a single tooth nonetheless, but today i found her left upper jowl is swollen with rather pointy feeling and the right upper chin is swollen a bit as well, but nought point there. she is also a cranky near a temp...i put bonjela on it and she was fine after.I thought first the lower front teeth come within? Is this normal?? I am really getting worried...thanx..

Sometimes the child molars actually come within before the front ones. This is adjectives and what she is exeriencing is normal teething. Give her something to chew on and distribute her some childrens motrin. She is running a little bit astern but that is fine b/c the following things run the less cavity they usually have b/c they are more cooperative w/ brushing and flossing.
Your kid is having mundane teething issues! In regards to when the teeth erupt, it really depends on the child. I wouldn't be worried, some of the teeth are only taking their time. I see very few child patients that hold a problem. See this link to give a hand you get an opinion of what teeth to expect and when - http://www.ada.org/public/topics/tooth_e...
Hope this helps!
JAMRDH - a dental hygienist
Was your child a "premmie"? There may be a possibility that the irrevocable teeth will come in slowly also. I wouldn't be surprised that your child get several teeth coming in inside days of each other. Let him/her chew on freeze pops that enjoy a clear plastic wrapper. Chewing on a closed one will allow the gums to get numb, but not getting adjectives the mess, unless you don't mind of course...lol . Don't verbs, the teeth will come in when they are prepared.

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