After you capture porcelain veneer is it possible to rob them of and how does the tooth looks in need it?

I'm getting just one veneer within one of the 2 front teeth to even it out with the other one and i feel the dentist made the tooth smaller by drilling it, then he put the transient on top. The tooth felt so trim! i didn't there to look at myself surrounded by the mirror in overnight case it didn't look good. I other had complements in the region of my smile just the instrument it was. I'm afraid that presently i will always necessitate a veneer on to of that too. Any profesional in this nouns pls tell me! Thank you.

yes sometimes when dentists do the two front teeth(#8and#9) they do both at equal time even if not needed so they both game correctly(ive seen tons dentists do this because i was a temp once where on earth i would go to a different department every day and work) conceivably he did only one to store you money? they do file the tooth down to where on earth it resembles a stub...dont be scared..but from very soon on you would have to wear veneer..or you could always own him do tooth colored filling contained by the front to repair the look...(i had two tooth colored wadding in my front teeth and last so far 9 years)nothing is ever permenent...veneers ultimate a long time but not also cannot bite into apples,you have to slice them from in a minute on..never use your front teeth to bite into anything or they will possibly break or come off..mind..hope this is helpful to you..
can't remove them ,they are irredeemable

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