After using Crest Whitestrips, if I stop drinking coffee and tea and brush regularly will the white end long?

I am using Whitestrips and it works fine.
If I stop using now, and stop drinking tea and coffee and brush regularly, will the whiteness second longer, or Whitestrips just put some white color on the teeth, and eventually will disperse?

Zooming or crest whitestrips does not last long. However, stop drinking tea and coffee will continue your whiting a little bit longer. Your average color will come back when you get through anything has color or when you drink soda. Drink near a straw when you drink coffee, tea, soda, etc.
usually it will last 1 month, after that you own to do the treatment again
It wont fade away but after 6 months they may darken again from coffe etc. Its compltley majority. The strips do work very ably. You should touch up with them every 6 months. Dont be afraid to drink coffee and tea, other things can ashen teeth as well so dont sweat it and only just use the stips for a week every 6 months.
-dental assistant

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