Ahh! My put money on molar a moment ago fell out, will I be ok?

I was a moment ago brushing my teeth, and i felt something contained by my mouth, spit it out and it was my molar!

I have a root canal have a year ago, they drilled a whole contained by my molar and scrapped out my molar nerves, he said they would grow subsidise though? Anyways I could barley afford it! and before i get the real replacement (3weeks later), the pro tem covering broke, so he said if it did ive have to take the root canal adjectives over again! ($1400 + $400 for covering) I couldnt afford it, im in college full time! so i moved out it. So then i have a huge whole contained by my molar. It never did hurt though, i always thought "oh boy its going to eventually" but it didn't. So right immediately, it just fell sour! I think the root is still contained by tact though.

What should i do? Do i need to enjoy it pulled out? Im sure my tooth is not savable.

Nerves can't grow back, otherwise broken back could be healed. Anyway, it won't hurt because there's no nerves to grain the pain near, so your tooth actually rotted out and you didn't even grain it. Yea, you have to return with the root removed. You wil get an Absess and you will perceive that when it intoxicates your blood. Go get your mouth checked out!
I suggest going to the dentist and seeing if they can replace your tooth. Teeth are extraordinarily important and as we win older it is big to keep every tooth you can.
Wow, nerves don't grow spinal column. Any Dr who told you that lied, sorry. Sounds like you obligation to get a fresh dentist, because if something broke 3 weeks later they should hold replaced it free of charge, no questions asked. And the singular reason you would obligation a root canal is if in that is a problem with the bravery, being that the guts was removed.

I construe that you have no money, but this is your mouth and it can become something serious. I suggest you walk to a different Dentist and see if you can work out a monthly payment plan.

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