Have anyone hear of a Exodontist?

I was looking up a Exodontist, and it is the extraction of teeth, which sounds approaching a helpful employment in cosmetic dental surgery, so if anyone know please reply and also I would similar to to know their salary.

An exodontist is anyone trained to give somebody a lift teeth out, ie a dentist or an Oralsurgeon. Hard to tell what the starting stipend would be for a new dentist
They usually step by the name "oral surgeon" as here is no such title as exodontist. A general dentist that take out a lot of teeth may be nickname an exo-dentist...just similar to a general dentist that puts on braces is nickname an orthodentist (instead of orthodontist).

An oral surgeon can easily form around 400k/year...depending on how hard you want to work..but it is deeply of training..

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