Last week I suffered a really fruitless toothache and have a horribly bumpy experience at the dentist.?

He hit a nerve and I feel like my cranium exploded. Talk about throbbing with a means P. He gave me antibiotics and I enjoy to go fund tonite to finish the work. I'm freaking out remembering what happened final time. Is it possible to ask him to sedate me to a certain extent heavily or something like that? Yes, I'm a chicken ****.sigh.

ure teeth is going for RCT{root strait treatment}this is removable of nerve from he tooth and replace it contained by the form of gutta percha point and thus tha pain is relieved....after adjectives these the teeth is reinforced with extra coverage through a crown .......In rct treatment the first sitting is other painfull so itz done under anasthethesia and in attendance after that z not required a dentist myself casing u reside in bangalore do contact me at my clinic 23365041.....dr priya mehta
You can probably ask for nitrous oxide but merely if you have someone to drive you home. Also you could ask for extra novacaine to prevent that from scheduled again.
Toothaches are painful but can be prevented
by give somebody a lift suitable precautions. Avoid eating
food which will result surrounded by the formation of acid
within the mouth, brush teeth regularly with a fluoride
toothpaste. I found the information at

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