After knowledge teeth are removed?

I have two question.I have three tradition teeth removed and one tooth directly infront of one lower wisdom tooth (surgically) a week ago. What does a dry socket discern like? Ive be having this annoying cramp on the right side of my mouth (the side where two teeth subsequent to eachohter were pulled). I own been told a dry socket is agonizing dull pain and this isnt. Plus when i looked in the mirror i feel i saw my jaw bone on one side (is tha tpossible). Also my teeth contained by my lower jaw are loose. i can woggle them and they hurt from time to time (the pain is releaved by an rime pack) is it normal for teeth to be loose after ward? Are they just shifting (i enjoy minimal crowding).

call your dentist. it doesnt nouns normal to me, ive never have teeth removed, but i know people that own and they havent mentioned anything like that. hope this help. just my judgment.
you are right dry sockets cause thoroughly bad discomfort but have you be smoking or drinking from a straw if so you may have them. you are probably not seeing your mouth bone and i have never hear of teeth being loose afterwards i would see your dentist.
I've have two back teeth removed and I know what you scrounging about the wiggle feeling. I judge it's just the teeth shifting. After in the region of a year the surrounding teeth moved over so much that the gap isn't that clear anymore. I had to bring prescription strength tylenol for about a week, afterwards it was only just an annoying tingle for a second week and then I stopped notice it. If you had dry sockets you would plainly know. You would have a headache and almost not be able to function.

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