16 year prehistoric near VERY low gum procession...should i be worried?

I am 16 years old, and I own VERY low gumlines, especially for my age. My dentist said that because it was so low we would hold to keep an eye on it, but because it isn't properly gum recession (the gum line have not passed the place where my teeth and bone connect) they aren't doing anything in the region of it. All of my teeth have gap betweent them. I am paranoid about have my gum line jump any lower so I brush and floss my teeth 2 times a day. I even get a sonicare electric toothbrush. My gum line have been progressively getting lower since I be about 7. My solely other thought is that maybe I am clenching my mouth when I sleep, so I am not aware that I am clenching my jaw. should i be worried just about this problem? Is there anything I can do going on for it? I am supposed to get braces soon, but I am afraid that it will engender my gum line even lower. do you have a sneaking suspicion that I should get braces? PLEASE answer.this have been butchery me for years, without ever any answer

Flossing your teeth more than once per time does no benefit to your gums. Brush (no need to be too rough) after you get through and before you be in motion to bed and after you eat breakfast contained by the morning. Buy some Listerine (anti-septic mouth wash of anything brand) and use it at least twice per morning (morning and evening and preferably after lunch and snacks).

The braces won't effect your gumline: just trademark sure your mouth is as clean as possible at adjectives times. Make sure to buy a pick for your braces and use it. It will not only relieve keep your mouth verbs but will also keep your braces from getting horrible.
Everyone's different, so be sure you are normal up to that time you start comparing yourself with someone else.

Follow what the dentist say, for sure.
ask ur doctor about elctrical toothburshes, use lots of floss , and for me i have the same prob and i used ACT mouthwash (green features is stongest)
your dentist and orthodontist know your past medical history and are the best family to answer this question.

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