After you munch through stuff, nearby is this white giving of creamy substance on your teeth. Enamel?

After you eat stuff, near is this white kind of creamy substance on your teeth. Is it enamel? Or is it newly the buildup of plaque and can be scraped off?

okay lana ...yes it is plaque which is actualy bacteria which may incentive gum disease which may rot your teeth.and then you can endow with a good gummy rub .
its call plaque and brushing your teeth is your best bet to getting it off your teeth and out of your mouth. you tongue have most of the plaque buildup in your mouth, so best to brush that too. if you dont you will obtain tartar build up and the dentist will enjoy to pick and scrape at your teeth until your mouth bleeds.
That is build up. Enamal is veil on the teeth that helps prevent cavity. You can't see it. For instance if you chip a tooth. It is more likely you will develop a cavity near.
You should brush your teeth to remove this food debris / plaque otherwise this covering will be a base for your dental tartars.
It's plaque. If departed alone, it can harden and turn into tartar/calculus. Good opinion to brush after eating. =)

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