Advice from dentists please nearly crowns?

I had a NHS white crown put contained by yesterday, it didnt fit properly,was for a while tall, so my dentist file it down (still little big i think) so the surface feels slightly rougher than the rest of the crown, does this have it in mind it will discolour really quickly?
I smoke and drink coffee so i know im asking for it really.
Im single concerned because its in my smile string and ive waited moderately a while to finally get this. Thanks

It may a short time ago need to be polished for a time bit more to smooth it out, but may always get the impression bigger than your natural tooth. Permanent staining is not a problem near lab created crowns but it isn't impossible to get surface stain which can be removed near cleaning and polishing. It is more likely that your other (natural) teeth around it will darken over time and you might consider whitening them to contest the whiter crown at that time. Good luck!
JAMRDH - a dental hygienist
It sounds as thought your dentist didn't smooth it off when he finished adjust it. Go back and see him, it wont clutch long and he shouldn't charge you for this. Also porcelain crowns don't stain.
Hope this helps

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